For calling and chatting with your loved ones or with office clients you use Skype most of the times. While calling at times you face some problems. So, what can be done to resolve these issues? Either you can take Skype Help or you can check out for these basic things that might help you in resolving the problems with Skype calls. Here are the things that you can try to solve the issues that occur during the time of skype calls like Skype Not Responding:

  • Firstly, you need to ensure that the version of skype you and the person whom you are calling, is using is the latest version. There are many features that you can only use in the latest version and this also enhance the performance of the application.
  • The next step is to check the network connection that you and the other person is using. A bad connection can cause dropped calls, poor sound, Skype Mic Not Working, blocky or frozen videos. You need to ensure that the signal of the wi-fi is strong and even better thing use wired connection. Close the program that eats up your bandwidth. Use call quality indicator for checking the connection speed, which is at the top right corner of Skype call window.
  • If you have solved the issues related to connection and still having poor quality of skype calls, then the next thing that comes is to check all your headsets, microphones, and speakers. There might be the issue of Skype Microphone Not Working.
  • If you are using integrated loudspeakers and microphones of a PC, laptop, or tablet, then try using USB headset and webcam instead. Next thing that you can check that the speakers and microphones are properly plugged in and not muted. You can also make a free test call. The test call prompts to record a message and then play it back for you. This is the best and easiest way to check the audio issues.
  • Now check that your webcam is working properly. In Skype go to the option of Tools > options > Video settings. If you can see the video stream, then your webcam is working.
  • Are you hearing the echo of your own voice? There may the issue with the device of the other person. Ask them to turn down the playback volume.
  • You need to ensure that both you and your friend are having the minimum system requirements for running skype.
  • If you are using skype on laptop and you are in a power saving mode, then try to plug the laptop into AC power or switch it to maximum performance mode.
  • You can also check computer tab of the call quality indicator to check whether computer is causing some issues.
  • If you are hosting a group call, then make sure that the computer which Is hosting the group call has the sufficient power and network bandwidth for the call. Even having many people on call can also put strain on the host device and cause call quality issues. For improving the quality of the call, you need to ensure that host has a strong network connection, powerful processor and number of people should be less.