Microsoft will continue to support the Touch Bar on the latest MacBook Pro Laptop of Apple. This update came with a couple of more additions and it is available now. The tech giant flew the release under the radar and has not even written any blog about this. Skype Support can be taken for more information.

If you will either way, the Skype on Mac has now been boosted to the version 7.48. The big new feature here is undeniably the support for touch bar. Microsoft has supported the new MacBook feature since it was first revealed last year. Indeed, this is the reason that it is surprising the company has not made a bigger deal about the version of Skype 7.48 update and Skype support.

The touch bar is a multi-touch strip of Retina display that sits above the MacBook Pro Keyboard. While the claims of Apple that it transfigures the keyboard experience are a stretch, but it is a very useful tool. The touch bar also changes the settings and icons depending which app is in use and what the user is doing. Microsoft is aiming towards giving its users a trouble-free functionality so that they enjoy   using Skype and issues like Skype Not Working shouldn’t occur.

By adding the touch bar support to Skype for MacBook, users will get the added functionality. For example, users will see their photo and the name of the person to whom they are in contact with. There are also the controls such as Start Videos, Mute, and hang up. The touch bar also supports familiar buttons such as the Esc key, volume, and Siri. It is also worth mentioning here that the touch bar support on works is when actively engaged in a call. We are also hoping that eventually Microsoft will add general Skype support for the controls through the app. Skype Help can be taken in case of any query or difficulty.

Microsoft Touch Bar Support

Though Skype is not the first Microsoft service to get the touch bar treatment. The company has already rolled out the support for office applications and outlook. By using the touch bar the users of office will get the following abilities:


The MacBook Pro touch pad lets the users enter the Word focus mode directly. This feature hides the commands and ribbons, which according to Microsoft lets the users focus on their work. The quick access presents the most common features of the Word instantly, while users can open the full app for all the ribbon commands.

Power Point

The Recorder Object button gets doubled by the touch bar. This opens a graphical map of all the layers on a slide. Users can manipulate the rudiments by rotating the objects with the touch bar and moving objects to where it is wanted.


Users will be able to see the most recently used functions when a symbol of equal to is placed in a cell.


The touch bar presents the most common commands from Outlook. Other features include a view of recent documents displayed on the touch bar. Just with a single click, a link and an attachment can be added to an email.