This blog is regarding the all new Skype which has some impressive and elegant features. The leader in providing video chat facility has now introduced its latest version for its customers. The new update consists of various new features like, the most awaited dark theme, emoji’s and a lot more! The new menu style has also a lot more features and designs. It is the most preferred name in providing the top class services for its valuable clients. Skype support is well known for its promising services that are pleasing its customers across the globe.

Here is the detailed information regarding the all new features

The dark theme has provided an elegant look to the interface and eventually proven to be the best till date. It has provided the dark blue interface that is really very attractive and gives a good feel. It has a lot more features that are making it more common these days. Moreover, Skype help is also a big reason that attracts people towards it. The entire new menu lets you manage your chat session as well as helps in maintaining a chat history. You can easily get a detailed knowledge of your all conversations with just single clicks. This is the best feature offered by Skype and which has been proven to be the game changer in the entire market.


New calling features that is just amazing

Now you get a feature that enables you to send and receive call on your mobile as well as landline. This is a really remarkable feature that has ever been launched in an instant messaging or video calling provider. Also, this feature also helps you to maintain a record of missed calls or texts that can be accessed later on. Some people might get troubles in installing and using such features that can be really annoying. The perfect solution for this issue is to get in touch with the support team. Just search for the Skype support chat on the website. They are the experts in their field and will give you a resolution in just a couple of minutes. This is the far best service provider in the world.

Screen sharing and SMS texting

Now you can easily share your screen with your beloved one’s and get your desired tasks done. This feature helps to enhance the accessibility over other systems that are in remote locations. This is also a part of the new version that is getting good response from many customers across the world. Apart from this, there is also a SMS texting feature that enables you to send and receive SMS to any mobile or Skype account as well. It also resolves an issue where people often complain that the Skype not connecting. This issue is resolved in the newer version completely and if you still face such issues then you must be having an issue with your system. This can also be resolved by calling Skype customer service chat.

How to get the new Skype and services from the company?

If you are also interested in getting the latest version then you must visit the company’s official website and get the latest version download option and click on it. This will give you a fresh installation over your system and then the existing version will get updated. Now all you need to get hands on the new features. If you face some issues or problems then you must immediately get in touch with the support team and they will resolve your issues. Just visit their official website and click on contact us and then you can have a chat session or get support on call.