The communicating platform is quite compatible on all the leading platforms. But, it has some issues with the playback device on Windows 10, which can be solved in a simple way. Are you connecting well through your communicating platform? Being one of the ultimate sources to let the people get connected across the global boundaries, Skype has procured its place as the leading communicating platform for all the users out there. With the dazzling features and ravishing services, it has been improved in terms of its performance on all the leading platforms. Well, there is no doubt that the competition has got quite competitive, as more and more communicating mediums are heading to the market with their services. Being such a loyal user of the mighty Skype, there are some occasions when your Skype not working properly. Well, you can easily overcome with the issue by simply applying some basic solutions, like checking the internet and server connectivity, repositioning the PC or laptop, or by resetting the settings of the app.  If you still encounter the issue then you can move on to the experts to get the solutions. The tech giant, Microsoft has always played a key role in enhancing the capability of the communicating platform with the improved features and services. It’s one of the major services that all the Windows users are using in a fine way.  But, as you are aware that every service has its defaults which need to be encountered within the time to make the service more reliable. With the latest version of Windows 10, there are many users who have faced the Skype issue with the playback device on Windows 10. This is the reason we are here with the simple way to counter the problem in a fine way. Besides, if you get trouble in Skype not connecting to your PC or laptop, then you can simply check the proxy and firewall settings to ensure everything is settled or not. Let’s get to the solution.

  1. Removing the Audio device Usually, the playback issue caused with the audio device of the PC. You need to simply uninstall the audio driver in order to resolve the issue.
  • Firstly, just press the Windows key + X and then select the Device manager.
  • Now just go the section of Sound, Video and Game controllers and then hunt down the audio device.
  • Now, simply select the audio device and then click Uninstall. Once it is done, then just restart the PC and your audio device will get installed directly. After the installation, just check that the problem is still there.
  1. Simply disabling the audio device– To counter the Playback device problem, you may wish to disable the audio device. Get the way to do it.
  • Firstly just select the Device manager from the Menu.
  • After the Device Manager unlocks, simply hunt your audio device and then select the Disable option with a right click.
  • Now enable the audio device by selecting the “Enable” option. After this, just select the Device manager and then check the problem is there or not.
  1. There have been some reports, according to which users can fix the playback issue by simply restarting the Skype. In case, if the problem persists on your Windows 10, you can navigate to Skype Support to get the technical support and assistance from experts.