If you are a fine user of Skype, then you would have experienced the supreme quality of instant messaging through the software. Besides its fascinating features and services, there are some common flaws which need the attention. One of them is the “Skype Calls Don’t Go Through”. Get rid of the problem in an easy way.

How is it going with the instant messaging software? Well, getting connected with your dear ones across the globe has got easier with the premium service of Skype. Whether it’s a personal call or any business call, Skype has marked its place as one of the prime calling service providers in both ways (Audio and Video calls). Besides having such kind of repo to provide the finest features and services, Skype has got some of the common issues, which is causing problems to all its potential users in the market. Sometimes, Skype users have to face the issue of Skype not connecting due to the server or internet issue. Well, you can overcome from the problem by adjusting the location or by ensuring the correct settings to let it work in a fine manner. Besides this, one of the common bugs which Skype users usually face is the “Skype Calls Don’t Go through”, which let the users face the issue of not getting connected with their friends and relatives through the video call. Well, this issue is mainly reported by the users of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

You also have to encounter the problematic situation, when your Skype Camera not Working in a proper way. Well, you can fix the camera issue by adjusting the settings (if it works) or by heading for the support of experts. But, to fix the issue of “Skype Calls Don’t Go Through”, you may spend hours to get rid of the problematic situation. This is the reason we are here with the whole guideline of the process to help you out in fixing the bug.

  1. The first thing which you need to do is to close the Skype app on your Windows 8 or 8.1.
  2. Now head to the Start page and press the “Wind+R” keys on your keyboard and start the Run sequence.
  3. Now in the Run sequence, you need to type “%appdata%\skype” and tap the enter button in the end.
  4. Head to search, then find and then delete the xml file from your window which will get displayed on your device.
  5. Note that if the file extensions feature is not checked on your computer, your file may get dubbed in the form of “shared”.
  6. If you could not counter the file, then head to Start page of your computer and then go to Run sequence, where you need to type “Control Folders”.
  7. Now, just head to the View tab and choose the option of “Show hidden files and folders”.
  8. At last, just go on to the troubleshoot process from the Step 1.

That’s the process through which you can fix the bug of “Skype Calls Don’t Go Through”. But, if it doesn’t work in a proper way or if you counter any kind of error in the process, you can navigate to Skype support chat team to counter your issues with fine assistance and solutions.