Using the fine communicating app on Windows has been always amazing for getting connected with your loved ones. But, using the app on Windows 10 OS sometimes deliver the issue of the app not closing down, which can be fixed easily.

How are you doing with your communicating app? Having the fine Skype app on the side always ensure an easy platform to get connected with your loved ones around the world.  With dynamic features and fascinating services, Skype app has become the most used and reliable app for all the potential users across the global boundaries. Being the fine user of the app, there are some instances where you have to encounter the issue of Skype not working in a proper way. In case, if you deal with such kind of issue, you can apply some basic solutions, including checking the proper internet and server connection, ensuring the strong signal strength, or resetting the settings of the app.

Being the fine service of Microsoft, the app has always been under the scanner for new updates and fixing a different kind of bugs in order to provide the satisfactory experience to all the users out there. For all the windows users, the app has been the most reliable thing to easily get connected with their loved ones within no time. But, for some of the windows 10 users, closing the app has become a big trouble. Users have reported that the app won’t close after tapping “Quit Skype” from the Context Menu on the screen. Well, this is the reason we are here with some other solutions in order to fix the bug in an easy way. Apart from this issue, if you get any other problematic barrier with the app, then just reach out to Skype Customer Service Chat team to get the quicker solutions and guidance. Now, let’s move on to the different solutions.

Solution 1- Shutting down the app from the System Tray

If you are one of those users who is not able to shut down the app through taskbar, they can simply try out the system tray to close down the app. All you need to do is to head to the center edge of the screen, and there you should get the Skype icon next to the clock. If you don’t get the Skype icon, just press the arrow button and get the icon. After getting the icon in the System Tray, simply right-click on it and then press the “Quit Skype” option. If get any issue, just get the Skype support to counter the issues easily.

Solution 2- Uninstalling the Skype app and replacing it with the new version

The other solution which can work out to fix the problem can be the uninstalling of the current version of Skype app from the computer. After uninstalling the current version, all your need to do is to download and install the latest version of the app from the Skype official website. After reinstalling the app, you should be enabled to shut down the app through the taskbar, without going to System Tray. We want to let you know that the solution didn’t work out for all the Windows 10 users, but it does help out some users.

Solution 3- Shutting down the app directly from Task Manger

If the other solutions don’t work out, then you can simply head to the task manager, and then just need to find out the Skype process, and then choose the “End Task” option in order to shut down the app successfully. In case, if you get any tech bug with the issue, then simply navigate to Skype Support Chat for expert assistance and solutions.