Winter has already started to giving you the chilling effect with the lovely snowfall! All you need to do is to plan a cool destination to spend your holidays in an amazing way. Apart from making plans for your holiday’s, there are many friends, relatives, and family members whom you always want to stay connected by anyhow. And there is one convenient communicating software, which is providing the best communicating services across the world. Skype has marked its place in the market as one of the leading communicating software, which is also adding many new users in the market. So, if you are a new user, then there may be instances when you have to face many kinds of issues like Skype remote not working, Skype not responding etc. Well, you don’t need to buckle up your mind, as you have the Skype support to counter any kind of issues you are facing.

Despite having some issues, the widely used communicating medium has got surprised for this holiday season for all the iOS users who are engaged with the app from a very long time. We hope that all the iOS users are having a great experience with the communicating software. If there is anyone who is facing issues like skype webcam not working or skype audio not working, then just get in touch with the skype customer service chat to get the proper assistance. Heading to the gift of some new features, which have been added to the communicating software is the new thing, which all the iOS users will experience in the market. The new features will definitely blow up your fascinating experience with the communicating software in a better way. The superlative communicating software has added these three features to make your experience better.

1. Sharing a personalized holiday video message

If you adore this communicating medium, then this software is now adding the quality of sharing a personalized video message on this holiday season. All your loved ones who are living across other parts of the country can now share a beautiful video message in this chilling holiday season. So, all the lovely iOS users, simply head to your App store and download the updated Skype. While accessing this feature, there may be the problem of Skype video not working, just navigate to Skype help to fix the interrupting bug with better solutions. To access the feature, click on the snowflake button, which is next to the Skype logo.


2. Automatically removed notification

The second new feature which is added in the updated version of skype is the automatic removal of notifications from the notification center when the skype app will be started. So, from now you don’t need to delete the notifications manually. But, if you counter any kind of issues with the starting of the Skype app, then you can contact the skype support chat, which is actually managed the support team. You will surely get the proper guidance regarding the issue.

3. Rejoin the group calls

 Having group calls on skype is not less than a get together with your family, friends, and relatives. Well, there have been instances, when you get dropped out of the conversation due to small issues, and you won’t be able to join the chat again. But, now with updated skype app, you can easily get into the group calls without any barrier. So, all the iOS users, grab the updated version of skype app from your app store and get connected with your dear ones in a much better way.