How your communicating experience is going with Skype? Being the finest service of Microsoft, the communicating app has been one of the most widely used services in the world. With a bunch of classic features and enthralling services, Skype has conveniently dominated the category of all the communicating service provider in the competitive market and being the top choice for million of users across the global boundaries.

Besides communicating with your loved ones, Skype has also played an outstanding role in providing dynamic support to all the professional enterprises out there with its amazing Skype for Business client. The instant-messaging client, which is used with the Skype for business server has been the perfect enterprise software for all the companies out there. There are different features of the software as compared to the normal Skype to target the businesses in a fine manner. The basic features that the software includes are Voice Over IP, Instant messaging, and video conferencing.

Apart from the regular features, Microsoft has now finally come up with the latest telephony features to their Skype for Business in order to lessen the trade-offs that all the companies need to make when selecting the cloud-based communication software over the IP PBX systems on-assumption.

At the Enterprise Connect 2017, Microsoft declared that the addition of call queues and auto-attendant to the Skype for Business in the Cloud, while all the partners initiated the upgraded meeting room products that purchased Skype for Business Telephony.

The fine auto attendant system amazingly works to route and answer the inbound calls, and the callers can simply use up the Skype for business dial pad, or the speech recognition to ask to get directed to a specific department or any specific person. Call queues easily send up additional incoming calls through to the customer support or sales agent in the fine order in which they receive.

A significant development for the Microsoft

When it comes to managing all the calls, there has been a lack of the available features which seems to be the roadblock for the adoption of Skype for business on an entity level, until now. Fortunately, Microsoft has been cracking away at all their shortcomings in order to make the Skye for Business more as a complement to on-assumption systems for the IP PBX. Over the recent months, the company has steadily improved the calling and conferencing over the PSTN into many countries.

Microsoft’s assistant in the Skype for Business helped in driving the significant adoption. For instance, Info Track reported that the number of small enterprises and business finishing the trials has been risen by 33% and 42% respectively since the 2015 year.

Developments of Microsoft Skype for Business

In the other announcements made at the Enterprise Connected included the latest feature of a preview of the Skype for Business analytics for all the online calls. The fine Dashboard 365 administration console helped the IT managers finding and addressing all the problems impacting all the callers.

Furthermore, Microsoft partners also announced more support for Skype for business. The latest update combines the Microsoft Surface Pro Touch Screen with the audio solutions and Crestron video.