This blog is about the super amazing new Roku Express media streaming device. This device is proficient enough to deliver mind blowing performance in terms of quality and entertainment. The giant name in manufacturing world class media streaming device is now officially launching its all new streaming stick: Roku Express.

This is the most advanced device that has already created a tough competition in the market. The incredible design, the looks are enough to attract anyone who wishes to buy a portable streaming stick. Moreover, the company is also providing perfect in class service for Roku set up.

New features and service provided by Roku:

Roku has focused entirely on the design and performance. This is a perfect combination of style and entertainment. With the new Roku Express you can easily stream the internet with an ease. This device now comes with an elegant remote controller that lets you control your device at your ease from a distance. This will eventually help in enhancing the comfort level along with quality service promise. You can easily stream videos from the Express device by using your smart-phone or even tablet. This can be possible by using the Roku Application for mobile. Though, it lacks in a built-in microphone for voice search that were present in the Fire TV stick.  Roku help is now easily available at a click. You may visit the website for any sort of issues related for settings and other general problems that you may face while installation.

Roku application for mobiles and tablets:

The company is also providing these services over your mobile phone and tablet. This means you can now use your mobile phone as a remote. This is perfect remote as it does not need direct line range because of the Wi-Fi connectivity. Also, Roku account setup is also easier.

High quality HD output:

The 1080p high definition output provides the new Roku Express the best streaming media device tag in the market. It accesses the media on internet through your present Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. It has perfect connectivity speed and does responds quickly. The Wi-Fi connection of Roku uses the regular 802.11 wireless LAN to connect to the internet connection. The setup is also quite easier and can be done through basic knowledge of the system. You may hardly need a professional help for that. In case you feel like having an expert’s advice, you may contact the support team at any instance of the installation process. You can visit at www Roku com support for any sort of issues. They are the real time experts of this field and will guide you the best in resolving any issues in a short time period.


How to connect the device to your TV?

Many people often get issues in connecting the device to the internet and hence they end up without setting the device. It is advised that you must seek for a help from the customer care executives. For making connection you must firstly connect the device with a HDMI cable that might be in the box or you can purchase it from the market. Be sure that you buy a genuine brand wire to avoid any sort of future problems. Then you must visit Roku com for detailed guidelines to set up the device. They will provide you a step by step procedure in getting the best out of your device. Once the setup is complete you may enjoy seamless entertainment by watching your favorite movies, shows and a lot more just at a click of a button.

The device can be connected to your television via a standard HDMI cable which is not included.