Roku Help – Reasons To Upgrade Your Roku Device

Roku has many streaming devices that are running successfully in the market. Now with so many Roku players, upgradation becomes a difficult task. So, read the article and know whether you should buy a new device or not just for the sake of upgradation.

Out of all the companies who had produced the TV streaming devices, Roku is the only company having more than two dozen devices. The decision of when to upgrade Roku devices can be daunting. You might want to know what you are missing by holding down the upgradation. Don’t worry we will tell you about this.

Do you want latest apps?

If you will stick with the classic models of 2010 or earlier having old Roku Setup, then surely you will miss countless new apps and some major streaming services. You can consider for upgrading if you are not getting content of your choice.

Do you want universal search and watch list?

The classic Roku device also miss new features like universal search and Roku feed, that helps you in keeping track of all the new movies and TV episodes changes across many streaming services.

Do you have multiple Roku Users?

Roku models launched in 2012 or before are running an older version of Netflix that doesn’t support profiles. This means users will not be able to get the access to kids’ mode an avid Netflix user might want to upgrade so that latest version of Netflix can be enjoyed.

Have upgraded to a higher end TV?

Some of the Roku devices don’t support full HD videos(1080p), they just support HD(720p) or standard (480p) videos. If you care about picture quality and have a TV that supports 4k or HDR formats, the you should go for an upgrade.

Does your Remote feel choosy?

Many earlier Roku models and some of the current ones has the remote that use infrared instead of radio frequency to communicate with the set top box This thing required line of sight. Which prevents you the mounting the Roku behind the TV or inside the entertainment center cabinet. At long range IR is also not much reliable.

Do you want to listen privately?

One of the wonderful features of Roku is its ability to play through headphones either with supported remote or Roku mobile app. This s the nice way to watch action films at night without disturbing anyone. You can know more about this feature at How to Set Up Roku.

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