Being a user of Roku mobile app, you can do these three cool things with your Roku mobile app. For more details and updates you can stay tuned to the official website of Roku.

What’s going on Roku users? So, how’s your streaming experiencing is going on? As we all know the functionality and superlative aspects but those who are new to this streaming device, let us tell you that Roku is a streaming device which earned good popularity among the US citizens plus it lets you stream your favorite contents via different streaming platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu etc. Being fresh user if you find difficulty regarding How To Set Up Roku, then you can get in touch with professionals for better direction. So how many of you’re using Roku mobile app? Well, all the Roku mobile app holders, do you know you can do these three cool things with your app?  Here are those three things you can do

  1. Swipe, Speak & Type:

Searching for a motion picture or television show with a lengthy title or typing in your email address can be annoying to do on the remote. Enter the keyboard of a mobile app which lets you type things swiftly. Or you can use your verbal command to search for amazing entertainment. The remote also grips a touchpad setting so you can go with a swipe.

Here’s the user’s review:

“I can’t find my Roku remote, so I downloaded the app & I love it! I actually like using it better than the remote, it’s easier to navigate & type.”

“The app worked well before but didn’t have the best interface. It’s so pretty now. The new design also lets you change the remote style to more of a swipe layout. Anyway, it’s even more functional and beautiful! Thank you for this update.”

  1. Discover Something Fresh (and Free!):

That’s What’s On tab aspects collections (everything from, New Free Movies and Favorite Kid’s Shows to Top Action Films) that put the spotlight on great motion pictures and television shows. Whether you are eight or eighty, you can find something new to stream. The collections are updated daily. If you’re new to Roku then you can grab Roku Setup steps by contacting professionals and experts.

Here’s the user’s review:

 “Last night I clicked on Whats On & got good suggestions, then it takes you right to it! I can’t see how they could improve it any more than this. Thanks, Roku!”

  1. Stream in Silence:

Private listening has been a popular and well-liked aspect for a while, but now everyone can use it thanks to the latest mobile app. Just plug your headphones into your smartphone, launch the Roku mobile app, and stream away.

So are the things you can do with your Roku mobile app, and yes being a new user of Roku if you think you find any difficulty in getting activation code then you can freely visit www Roku Com Link for precise and appropriate support.