With Roku ultra, it’s been amazing to stream the content in the high-quality. There are many other reasons you can count to choose the streaming device over the mighty Apple TV. All newly added new users can go to www Roku Com Link to create their Roku account in a fine way.

How are you doing Roku Ultra player? Being the fine version of Roku streaming device, Roku Ultra has been the classic upgrade of Roku in the market. With the dynamic features and fascinating services, the ultra version of Roku has actually improved the streaming quality for all the potential users out there, especially those users who have got the compatible HDR TV and the content. In case, if you counter the issue of Roku Remote not working in a proper way, then you can head on to some basic solutions, including checking the settings of remote, ensuring that there is no battery issue or resetting the remote in a proper way.

Well, there is no doubt that having Roku Ultra with your compatible 4K TV is a treat to stream the ultimate treasure of content with the blend of different genres. Being the major player in the market, the streaming device has always got the fine competition from the mighty Apple TV. The fine media player of Apple has got the ultimate remote control with the fine Siri search which makes it easy to stream the favorite content in a simple way. One can easily use the media player by connecting it to an HD screen TV through HDMI cable. But, here there are many reasons of the Roku Ultra which actually outshines the Apple TV in a proper way. Before heading to the reasons, all the new users of Roku, who gets the issue of HDCP Unauthorized Roku should ensure that there AVR is supporting HDCP Technology, which is actually necessary to protect from the threat of malware and piracy issue. Let’s hit the favorable reasons for the Roku Ultra outshining the Apple TV.

  • Ultimate 4K Support- The 1080P video streams of Apple tv actually is quite beyond rebuke, as they are only one quarter crisp as they actually could be. But, Roku Ultra actually provides the fine support for 4K and High-dynamic range (HDR), which means that you will get the ultimate experience of rich color and amazing video quality. The prominent streaming service providers, including Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube, and other platforms are already offering UHD content resolutions.
  • More Vigorous Video Selection- In terms of apps, Apple TV offers 8,000 apps, while Roku only offers 5000. But looking at the number of videos channels, the mighty Apple TV offers 1600 channels, while the Ultra numbers are twice than the Apple numbers. This directly indicates that you can simply enjoy the extensive collection of channels under different categories and can choose your favorites.
  • Having the fine Amazon Video- Knowing the channel selection, Roku ultra has actually had the fine Amazon video in its web of channels, while the Apple TV lacks the channel in its list. You can easily stream your favorite shows and movies with an Amazon Prime Video Subscription.
  • Private Listening- The mighty Apple Tv remote actually lacks the headphone jack, which makes the private listening quite difficult. While, the Roku ultra has got the headphone jack in it’s remote with the private listening on its app, which makes you enjoy your private listening.

Apart from this, if you get any tech bug with your Roku version, just navigate to Roku Help to get the better assistance and solutions.