Are you looking to have Google Play Store on your 2015 Fire Tablet? Then, just keep reading the blog post because today, we are going to shed light on the process of installing Google Play on 2015 Kindle Fire. So, the devices that are eligible for this installation are; entry level Kindle Fire, Fire HD8, Fire HD10.

The best thing about this installation process is that it will hardly take a couple of minutes. So, by spending two minutes on your Kindle Fire, you will be able to access Google Play Store and the applications, which are present on the platform for the rest of your life.

I would also like to mention that people who have performed this installation process have encountered a few problems especially at the time of installing drivers. So, this process works on most of the systems, but it can give problems on a few. You need to have luck on your side as well, while using this installation process. But, if anything goes wrong, then log onto Kindle com support.

If you are worried that your Kindle Fire will be rooted after the installation process, then that is not going to happen. This process only installs Google Play Store on your Kindle Fire and nothing else. If your Kindle Fire constitutes of special offers or should I say ‘screensaver advertisements’, then those will also be vanquished. If other apps also get disappeared, then please seek help from Amazon Kindle support providers.

The process involves downloading a zip file followed by plugging your Kindle Fire into the PC. Then, you have to run a batch file and follow the instructions that you see on the computer screen. I would like to applaud the developers who have made it easier to get Google Play Store on Kindle Fire. If you are not being able to successfully install Google Play Store on your Fire tablet, then you should get in touch with Kindle Fire support to find out why the problem has occurred in the first place.

Disclaimer: The installation works perfectly with Fire tablets that come with Fire OS 5.0.1. So, if the Kindle Fire is working on this OS version, then you need to make sure that it stays on this version only. Amazon has the right to stop this process in the future, so you will do the installation at your own risk. Moreover, software issues can also arise with these types of changes, so you need to keep this thing in mind as well. The tool works with Windows based PCs, so that’s a limitation as well. But, if anything goes wrong, then you can call Kindle help and support providers.


The alternative method

There is one more method for installing Google Play Store as well, which doesn’t require the use of a computer. Here is the process

  1. You have to download the zip file and extract it on the PC.
  2. Make your device ready for the installation process. For that, you need to go to ‘settings’ option followed by ‘device options’. Then, tap the serial number approximately ten times. You will see the developer options in which, you will enable ADB.
  3. Connect the device with PC and you will see a pop-up of ADB connection on the PC screen. Install the drivers and then, open the zip file that you have extracted. Open ‘one-install-play-store.bat’ file.

If your device malfunctions, then go to www Kindle com support because only they can help you in bringing your device back to its original working state. You can either email the problem or get on the live chat with the experts.

If you want, you can call them as well. You can get the Kindle customer service number on the web. So, don’t worry when your device malfunctions after the installation process of Google Play Store.


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