With the newly launched Xbox Live Creators Program, all the Xbox lovers and developers can easily create and publish their games on Xbox one and Windows 10. In the case of any issue with your Xbox one, simply head to Xbox Support Chat team to get fine solutions.  

How are you doing with your gaming console? The dynamic Xbox One gaming console has been one of the ultimate gaming brands in the global market. With the amusing features, astounding services, and mind-boggling collection of games, the gaming console has also been the top choice for all the game lovers across the global boundaries. Being such a fine user of the gaming console, if you get any kind of problematic barrier, simply reach out to Xbox Live Support chat team to get the better assistance and solutions.

Being the product of Microsoft, the Xbox gaming consoles keep getting the innovative add-ons in order to upgrade the performance and compatibility for all the users out there. You can simply take the Xbox one compatibility feature as the prime example to get the ultimate gaming experience. With this feature, all the Xbox 360 users have been cherished with the compatibility to play their favorite Xbox 360 games on Xbox one console. The list of games always gets updated with the latest add-ons. Apart from this, the recent update which has to grab the eyeballs of all the game lovers and developers is the newly launched Xbox One Live Creators Program.

Xbox Live Creators Program

The astonishing program is actually one of the fine programs for all the developers out there. Whether you are solely involved or you got a team of amazing game developers, you can easily create and publish your games on the Xbox Platform. All the hustle of preexisting channels of the company would get removed in order to provide you the platform to boost up your skills with your game. At the meet up of Game developers Conference, the company announced the program as the medium for “fully barrier free game publishing”. Prior to the date, all the developers need to be a part of any established Media Company or any game development company or they had to simply apply through the Microsoft’s ID@Xbox Indie program in order to get the self-publishing abilities. Chris Charla (Microsoft’s Director of ID@Xbox Program) addresses that “everyone” can access the Xbox Live Creators Program to develop and publish games on the Xbox and the PC. Anyone can simply move on to a retail store to buy Xbox One, cracking it and develop the game for the console. Besides developing the game, if you get any kind of trouble with the gaming console, just head on to Xbox Live Support to get the fine assistance and solutions.

The program also contains some set of restrictions in terms of developing a game on the Xbox platform. Being in the preview stage, the program will soon get unlocked for the general public. One of the noticeable restrictions is that the game you will make must be a Universal Windows app so that it can simply run on any Windows 10 device and not just on the Xbox One. It also holds up the right to remove your game, if has got the “inappropriate or harmful content”. All the Creators Program games would also not be able to access the Gamerscore, multiplayer matchmaking or Xbox Live Achievements through Xbox Live. Besides creating and developing games, if you get any kind of tech bug, then you can navigate to Microsoft Xbox Support to get the expert assistance and solutions.