The lovers and fans of Xbox Live games will get an exciting treat from Microsoft as the tech giant is going to add new games to Xbox Live games with Gold for the month of March. The members of Xbox Live Games with Gold program will get four new games in March. These all games will be playable on Xbox One through the backward compatibility Program of Xbox. Get more details at Xbox Live Support.

Xbox has announced that four new games will be coming to fill out your library in the coming month. The first game in the list that has been added is psychological horror video game Layers of Fear, and the others are Game of Show’s, Borderlands 2, Heavy Weapon, and Evolve Ultimate edition. Know more about these games at Xbox One Support.

Layers of Fears

This new game will allow players to take the role of a disturbed painter. This is a horror game that will stir the minds of players as the role of the painter is haunted by his personal creations and his past. Is this game the players will need to control a mentally disturbed painter who is working on his masterpiece. This game will be available for the entire month of March and it will cost you $19.99. This is title available for Xbox One. Microsoft Xbox One Support can be taken for any information or query.

Borderlands 2

This is the new game about revenge and survival. This game is an action role playing game as well as a first-person shooter that marks the first iteration of a popular series with many sequels. The character was left dead by Handsome Jack in the chilled tundra of Pandora and players will take retaliation through this high-octane shoot-n-loot game. This game will available from March 1 to March 15th. This will be available to Xbox One through Xbox backward compatibility Program. This is the title of Xbox 360 and it will cost you @19.99.

Heavy Weapon

This is the new retro style game that boasts of its brutal and addictive gameplay. It features 19 missions that are story based, online co-op, and a survival mode for the players to explore and display their skills. This is the title of Xbox 360 and it will be available for Xbox One through Xbox backward compatibility program. This game will be available from March 16th to March 31st. This game will cost you $9.99. Xbox Com Support can be taken for more details.

Evolve Ultimate Edition

This is the free to play title for PC and will now be available for Xbox One from March 16th to April 15th. It is an asymmetrical multiplayer game where five characters’ battle against each other in a foreign planet. This is first person shoot tile that allows a player to control a powerful monster. The goal of this game is to outsmart a team of hunters and it boasts of its different game modes, characters, maps to choose from. You can take Xbox One Tech Support in case of any difficulty.