High-quality gaming has been the prime feature of Xbox. To make this experience much better Microsoft has revealed its Christmas surprise. Launching a new Xbox live game crest to provide the performing stats of the gamers in 2016.

How is the gaming experience going with your Xbox? Well, there is no doubt that the gaming brand has marked its place in the market as one of the widely accepted gaming brands across the world. Before that, the existing champ Sony PlayStation was the only gaming brand available in the market. But, Microsoft enters the market with Xbox and created gaming consoles as one of the favorite one in the market. With promising features and services, Xbox grabs the large portion of gamers into its pocket. And this is also the reason, that Microsoft keeps on bringing the diverse range of Xbox services and features in the market. Continuing this habit, Xbox has revealed a new website for all the gamers across the world. You can call it as the Christmas gift for all the gamers out there. Well, with Microsoft Xbox live support, the journey of experiencing the best gaming consoles with the diverse range of games in its list, you can’t deny that it is still providing the best services and features to all the gamers in the market. If there is any new gamer, who is heading to start their journey with Xbox, note that they can head to Xbox support chat to get any kind of solution regarding the gaming console.


Extending its arms, Microsoft planned the launch of this surprise to let the gamers feel that how much they have achieved in the current year with the help of a stat report. All the potential gamers, who are sitting out there, they will surely love this gift of getting the performance report in the form of stats. Especially, all the live gold members with such kind of extraordinary games in their pack would be more exciting about the website. So, all the live gold members, you can head to Xbox live support chat, if you counter any kind of issue. The surprise gift of Game crest 2016 will be the best surprise for all the gamers out there. As the website contains some cool stuff to let you give the stat report of your performance in the year.

The main focus of the website is to bring down your achievements, game scores and rankings according to your performance. Once you load up the Game crest 2016 without heading to your Xbox live account, you can witness a quick review of the Community performance in the whole year. It has also been revealed that this year, all the Xbox gamers has unlocked 55 achievements and also spent an average of 207 hours on Xbox live. There are some other cool stuff too-

  • You will witness the number of achievements when you sign in.
  • Also, get the most played games and the memorable achievement in that game.
  • The important one is to have the capability to customize everything about the crest with unique iconography on each portion. You can also download and share your creativity with the world. In any case, if you get into any kind trouble with the website, you can navigate to Xbox live support to get the expert solutions.