Being the ultimate communicating app, Skype has been quite in extending its services to all the other platforms. Users who have got the Linux OS on their PC can now enjoy the beta version of Skype for Linux 5.0.

How is it going with your amazing Skype app? There is no doubt that Skype is being the most compatible platform in the competitive market. By delivering fascinating features and enthralling services, the fine communicating app has already grabbed the eyeballs of millions of users across worldwide. If you are one of the loyal users of the app, then you may have encountered the issue of Skype not connecting in a proper way. Well, if you ever face this issue, then you can simply head on to some basic solutions including, checking the internet and server connectivity, resetting the settings of the app, or checking the firewall and proxy settings.

Being the fine service of Microsoft, the communicating app always gets the fine boost in order to improve the performance and user experience of the app in a satisfactory way. With the pace of competition and technology, Skype has been extensively involved in stretching its spectacular services for all the major business and automobile companies. Even White house press briefing are also enjoying the ultimate service in terms of getting four Skype enabled seats. Despite rendering its services, Skype occasionally gets encountered with some common issues, like Skype not working in a proper way. In case, if you get any issue while using Skype on your PC or smartphone, then simply try out the basic solutions listed above. If still, the problem persists, then simply reach out to the experts in order to get the proper guidance regarding solving the issue effectively.

Apart from being available on all the smartphone, Skype has continuously been the amazing app for all the PC users out there, especially the Windows PC users. But, all the Linux PC holders are also witnessing the alpha version of Skype for Linux It’s true that using the alpha version was not at all appealing to all the Linux users. As the alpha version was not at all issue-free and fully functioning Skype. At the releasing time of the version, the Skype team gave their assurance that the alpha version is not the wholly Skype client for Linux users. But, after putting hard efforts, the team has now released the Skype for Linux 5.0 beta version and claimed that they have been continuously involved in building up the whole new experience for all the users from peer-to-peer to a modern cloud architecture. They also added that they wish to create and develop the fine Skype for Linux which would be rich like the existing Skype for all the mobile and desktop platforms.

The team also shares the fine improvements that have been made in the latest version:

  • Calling Updates- Now, all the users can easily make a one-to-one call from Linux on the newly released version for Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android.
  • Improved Collaboration- All the Linux Users will now able to view the shared screens from the other Skype desktop clients (Windows 7.33, Mac 7.46 and much more).
  • Improved Usability- The Unity launcher will also showcase the definite number of unread conversations, and online contacts in the contact list will now also include the Do not Disturb and Away statuses.

In case you get any tech issue, then simply head to Skype Support chat team to get the expert assistance and solutions.