Xbox One is a wonderful gaming console, which has done a great job in 2016, but there were a few things that the company will like to improve on. Let us take a glance about the performance of Xbox One in this blog post.

Xbox One has done a decent job in 2016, though the User Interface remained a bit sloppy and messy. Especially the 2nd half of the year, where sales of Xbox One took the upward stride in the US. Let us take a look back at how Xbox One performed and what more was expected from this Microsoft console.

Revamped hardware, with many new things

In August, a new model, i.e., Xbox One S was launched, which didn’t had capacitive button, but instead had traditional physical button. This model supports 4K Blu-Ray CDs as well.

A drawback of this console are; no Kinect port, which means, you’ll have to buy a separate adapter from Microsoft. One of the highlighting features of this console is HDR, which means people can play HDR-compatible games and TV content. Though there aren’t too many HDR games available today.

The company is in a bit of a trouble because they have added HDR feature in the console, but how will it perform on TV screens without HDR display. I hope the company must have thought about it.

A significant improvement has been made in terms of performance. High quality games with higher framerates can be played smoothly without patching games. Since there is no HDR support, then there will be some bump in the performance, but people won’t be able to notice it.

Xbox enthusiasts are waiting for new model, i.e., Scorpio, which is due to release in 2nd half of 2017. It will be twice as good as existing Xbox consoles, and even better than PS4. People can’t decide whether they should upgrade their existing system or wait for a few months so that Scorpio can be launched.

Taking a step towards betterment of ecosystem

Microsoft took a bad step by presenting Xbox One, which nobody was interested in buying. Then, Microsoft came out with Backwards compatibility, and they haven’t spent a penny for it. The company has been constantly adding new games, at the rate of one game (minimum) per week. This feature has boosted Xbox One sales significantly.

Also, a feature like ‘Xbox Play Anywhere’ has also been given thumbs up by the users. This feature is just like Cross-buy feature of PS4, but in Xbox Play Anywhere program, bigger-name games such as Forza Horizon 3 and Gears 4 can be played instead of smaller games. The scope of games is less, but something is better than nothing, right? Moreover, the company has provided owners of Xbox One with an ability to move from physical games to digital games easily.


Xbox One is now the most mod-friendly console as well, though nobody can take the place of PCs. Modders have been provided by Microsoft to play games like Skyrim and Fallout 4 with a better modding experience than PS4. The company will also come out with cross-play, as it is awaiting approval from Sony to begin the functioning of this feature.

Despite expansion of system of Xbox Live, shortcomings persist

The company has introduced a number of features such as background music, group feature, clubs, group messaging, welcome niceties to further bolster the gaming experience. But, feature like Cortana has been a failure more or less because it is not better than Kinect. It is not as efficient as Kinect or Amazon Echo.

A Good Year For Games, But A Lot More To Come In the Future

Though, Xbox One owners have a plethora of games already, but there are a few games, which have been delayed like Halo Wars 2, Gigantic, Cuphead, Scalebound, and so on. They might come in 2017.

Final Verdict

2016 was not as great as 2015 for Xbox One, but the company is incessantly trying to improve its system. Having a tough competitor like Sony is going to make Microsoft better. A few more top-rated games on Xbox One platform, and the company will get back on the right track.

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