Amazon is slashing the prices of its devices, so if you’re thinking planning to purchase your favorite Kindle e-reader or tablet then but it today (offer is limited).

Amazon is gashing Kindle and Fire tablets for a limited hours only. Those who love eBooks will get as much as 25 % discount with the immense retailer’s ongoing sale.

The classic Kindle 6-inch eBooks reader is importantly the similar tablet that released the Kindle family various years ago. The touchscreen exhibit has an anti-glare and multiple hues of black, gray and white to copy the mien of paper. This could also support eliminate eye stress of the reader. For any Amazon kindle Update, you can contact professionals.

The battery of classic Kindle device will last for weeks, you need to charge it once. It has also enough to the room to store more than a handful of titles. Members of Amazon Prime will have an access to several titles as well. For a limited time, it is now being provided at a 25% discount, bringing it down to $60.

The basic model of Kindle Fire 7-inch tablet will cost only $40 at Amazon. The full-fledged tablet grips a vibrant 7-inch IPS touchscreen display. It also runs on a 1.3GHz quad-core processor, equipped with Echo’s digital assistant, which follows your verbal commands. The members of Amazon Prime holds the access to free motion pictures, television series, and books.

Kindle Paperwhite eBooks reader features anti-glare screen, means you can even read your favorite content under the sunlight. Unlike the classic Kindle, this one is blessed with adjustable light for reading in the low light or in dark. Amazon is no gashing $20 off the real price, making it more affordable at $100. Rest by navigating to Manage My kindle account you can easily manage your Kindle content.

Amazon is here with Fire Kids Table which will cost $80 and it includes a year of Freetime Unlimited access to above 10K books, educational materials, games, motion pictures, and shows. The Kindle Voyage is a delight of for serious eBooks readers, it holds smart lighting that manages according to the environment of the reader. For a limited time, Amazon is providing a $20 discount, bring the table down to only $180. For more information, Amazon Kindle Support  and updates, stay tuned to Kindle.