The recently developed Kindle fire tablet by the Amazon is going to compete with its popular Rival apple iPad. According to the company, all the details of these new models are available on Amazon kindle support link.

Today, in this blog post we are going to make you familiar with the latest features of this newly released Amazon kindle fire tablet. Keep reading this blog post and enhance your skills and knowledge. If you find any problem in understanding a point, then you can take help from Kindle fire support help link.

  1. The new kindle tablet is packed with Android-based OS that will cost$200 to you. The price of this tablet is far lesser than that of Apple iPad.
  2. The new tablet is User-friendly, which means that you can easily use it without taking help from anyone.
  3. Camera option and GPS system are absent in the new fire tablet.
  4. The main objective with which this device has been developed is to provide support for Amazon apps. Apart from this, there is an online simulator through which you can enjoy your favorite games on it. You can even download the latest and popular game from another platform like Android.
  5. This device is not only meant for reading but also for streaming the live music from the streaming apps like Spotify and Pandora. If you want to uninstall or download any new app, then you can easily do so by getting into ‘Manage kindle devices’ section.
  6. The option to download books through data pack or wireless network is unavailable in this model as this model is particularly developed with the aim of providing streaming apps over it.
  7. If you are a bookworm and you want to read an EBook for a long time, then this Kindle tablet is best for you because the screen brightness level and contrast ratio are so adjusted, that you will feel easy on your eyes even after constant reading. The company has released two new models, particularly with the motive to lure bookworms towards them. The new user simply needs to do Amazon kindle login from their device to access the titles from Kindle bookstore.
  8. Another exclusive offer running on this device is that you will get one month free trial on Amazon link for shopping purpose. You can easily purchase movie, music, and apps from this Amazon official store without any hassle. The downloaded contents can then be fetched from the Kindle download
  9. If you want to browse the internet, then you can do this easily with the help of newly integrated browser called ‘silk’ browser.
  10. Another amazing feature that you will find in this tablet is Kindle cloud storage. You can easily store your old books on this platform without wasting the internal memory of your device. You only require an internet connection to retrieve the contents of online cloud storage. If you find any problem in using this feature, then you can call at Amazon kindle customer service number anytime.

According to company reports, the updates related to this new series of tablets are soon going to be available on the official Amazon kindle link. The basic model of this new fire tablet is economical than that of the cheapest model of Apple iPad. So if you are new to the market of an E-reader, then it is recommended to go with new Kindle fire tablet because the features which the company is going to provide you in a basic model are not available in any other company model. If we talk of its screen size, then it is bit larger than the iPad.