If you have the setup for the Skype Integration for Slack, then you can easily join the call. Read the article and know how you can do this.

One you have setup a call, then joining it from desktop or mobile device is not difficult. The best thing is that there is no need to be a skype user to join a call. You can create a new skype account or use a guest account from the desktop. Foe mobile phone skype app installation is necessary. If you miss anything then the issue of Skype Not Connecting may arise. After that you will receive a notification in Slack that someone in your contact list has started a call. You need to click on the recent notification as old one can expire.

When the host of the call leaves the join call link expires. To set a new call or Skype Not Working you can follow the instructions or continue your previous call by clicking on call button.

To Join A Call From Desktop

Follow these instructions:

  • Click on the recent join call link in slack. If the link has expired then the initiator has to type skype again.
  • Then you will be taken to the skype for web, then you can use a guest account or use yours skype account to call if you are not already logged in. If you are already logged in, then join the call from the existing account or you can sign in with other account or guest account.
  • In Skype, tap the call button at the top right from within the group conversation to join the call.
  • If your Skype Audio Not Working or call not connecting, then you must close the products like outlook.com, skype.com, and office.com and restart from Slack.

To Join A Call From Android Phone

On your Android device, you will receive a notification that a call has been started in Slack. For this you need to have a Skype app installed in your phone and sign from existing account or set up a new one to join the call. Follow these steps to join the call:

  • Open the Slack app.
  • Go to Skype conversation and click the most recent join call link. If the link has expired the initiator will need to type skype again to start a new call.
  • If you don’t have Skype app installed, then click on download Skype. Click on Play store and you will be taken to the app and click on install. After the installation of the app directly you will be taken to the conversation screen. There you need to click call button.
  • If you have already installed Skype app then click on active call button and join the call.