Kindle Fire is among the top tablets on the market today. Kindle Fire is a special series by Kindle that has some new elements, which are not available in other Kindle tablets. Kindle Fire is a capable gadget, which can give you the inclination as though you are using a tablet, and not only a tablet. Yet, this awesome gadget couldn’t shield itself from the specialized glitches. There have been a couple of issues that are found in Kindle Fire of late.

One issue is identified with Kindle Fire’s camera application is that it is crashing down each time a customer tries to take a photo. At the point when a customer taps camera catch to tap the photo, the application crashes immediately. It’s still uncertain whether the issue is inside the application or the memory of the gadget, yet the inconvenience is certainly there. Kindle help and support providers must intervene into this.

Individuals have attempted different picture spare alternatives, however, they didn’t get any accomplishment with that. They looked at Manage Storage choice in the Kindle Fire photograph menu and cloud drive, however, they were not ready to discover anything there. Some even attempted to turn on the auto-spare alternatives for Cloud drive, however, those didn’t help either.

A few people according to the suggestions of specialists attempted to force-shutdown the application through settings and then, turning them back on, yet that technique also went vain. What they watched was that this issue had touched base with no unmistakable reason. Not even Amazon Kindle support could identify the explanation for this issue.

The answer for this camera application issue

A few people subsequent to experiencing the web could discover an answer for this issue. The solution was to introduce another camera application, which as I would like to think is not a solid solution, but rather a contrasting option to get to the capacity. The issue was, ‘the reason in the damnation was that application not working’. If somebody can discover a response to that question, then I would have stated, yes’ that is there is an answer’.

The new camera application can be introduced either by copying an APK document onto the Kindle Fire or through Google Play Store. A few people introduced Camera application that is created by Google itself, and it appears to function properly in Kindle Fire. The application spares pictures to DCIM folder in the primary memory of Kindle Fire rather than MicroSD card. But, the application is not free, so you should pay a little charge for it. You will have to use your Amazon credit card login in order to pay it.

This was the main solution that has been found up until now, so individuals are searching for some other solution, which doesn’t include introducing another application, rather settling a similar old application. With respect to the camera that is incorporated into Kindle Fire, it is not that incredible on the grounds that there are numerous different tablets, which at a similar value range are putting forth preferable camera over Kindle Fire. Amazon must concoct its own camera application since individuals are thinking that it is hard to work 3rd party camera applications. Individuals must write to Kindle com support in regards to this.