A common issue that you encounter among all the voice assistant services, though all are not bad, some are good also, is how robotic and unnatural they sound. The pronunciation some words, specially names are very bad and sometimes sound awkward also. If you have an uncommon name and your Google assistant in your Google Home Setup is having some problem or difficulty in pronouncing your name, then there are two ways to resolve this issue. Either you can teach it the proper pronunciation of your name or you can give yourself a nick name and teach that name to your assistant.

Set a nickname

If there is a shortened version of your name or you have a nick name, then you can teach Google Assistant your nick name and this is the easiest way to teach your assistant how to pronounce your name. Follow these steps to set up your nick name in the settings of your digital assistant or you can also take Google Home Support:

  • Open Google Home app on iOS or Android device.
  • Go to the option of More settings > then Personal Info.
  • Click on the option of Nickname.
  • Now enter your nick name or the short form of your first name in the provided field.
  • Now click on the option of Play to test out the pronunciation.
  • In case of any difficulty Google Home Help can be taken.

Now anytime your Google Assistant addresses you by name, either through assistant in your Pixel phones or through Google Home Com Setup, it will use the name to call you that you have entered as nickname.

Spell out the phonetic pronunciation

In the same menu where you added your nickname, there is an option to spell out how your name or nickname is pronounced. Click on the radio button to the left of the option Spell it out. In case of any difficulty you can take Google Home Com Support. In the given field, type out the phonetic spelling of your name by taking the help of English alphabets not by using International Phonetic Alphabet. For example, if your name is Mikael, Google Assistant will pronounce this name as Michael. In the field of Spell it out, you might want to enter it as Meekai ale.

For testing it out you can click Plat button in the blue color. You may need to tug how you spell the pronunciation or add spaces between the pronunciation to break up the syllables better. For example, if your name is common, and easy to pronounce phonetically, Still Google Assistant has a funny way of pronouncing it. Like if your name is Taylor, Google pronounces it in a way that it sounds more like Teller, instead of Taylor. You need to tell clearly with or without spaces to Google Assistant so that it pronounces your name in a better way. You can also take help from Google Home Guide.