An error log tells you about the internal operations of your computer through online logging. However, logging levels are pre-defined by the skype support team and these are automatically set during the software installation, when you install the software manually in your system after downloading.

You will require to send an error log occasionally, when you face some problem in logging onto skype account or your skype not connecting to the internet. Error log will inspect the issue in skype for business and windows. In this case, you must know that how can you change the settings of log and gather the error information.

Are you having difficulty logging into skype for business?

For a minute, if you are not able to sign into your skype for business account then you must follow some of the troubleshooting steps before taking skype help from the support team. First of all, open the business sign in home page then click on ‘need help’ link for getting suggestions. If you still feel unsatisfied with the feedback, then you can move further and contact the support team. They will ask you to follow the guided instructions that may involve turning on error logs.


How to select the logging level for skype for business ?

We are going to discuss the process for changing the business logging settings or enabling the window event logging. You must keep this thing in mind that the privacy statement for Microsoft must be reviewed prior to any change in settings. The steps for changing the levels are discussed below. These steps will probably help you when your skype not working properly.

  1. Open the skype for business main window from your computer and click on the ‘option’. Search for ‘general’ tab inside the options and click on it.
  2. You will find help you support team option, click on the arrow placed next to the login for business option and select the level of logging that you want to set.
  • Full: In this level, all the detailed information will be stored in log file.
  • Light: This level stores the brief information and collects the data about the particular error from the system.
  • Off (by default): This mode saves no information at all. This level is set by default, when you install the skype software.


Finding and collecting the information from the skype for business log file

Here’s process for finding and collecting the information about the log file.

  1. From the file explorer, go to tracing folder under user profile directory. Just look at this example, C:\<your_name>\app data\local\Microsoft\16.0\skype for business\tracing.

                Note: You need to sign out of the business account if you have already enabled skype login. Sign in again for                  creating log files of your skype for business.

  1. Compress the tracing folder with the help of WinRAR or other zipping folder.
  2. If you are told to send the compress files then send to your support team.

Enabling or disabling a window event logging

To enable or disable the window event logging, click on options under the logging menu and select your choice, whether you want to enable it or disable it. Tick mark the check box placed next to the options. Enabling a window event logging will help you in troubleshooting the various issues that you reported occasionally.

Viewing and gathering the information from the window event log

  1. If you are using window 8 then click on the logo and enter event viewer. Select view event logs from the different options.
  2. Double tap on the window log then tap on application.
  3. Look for skype errors that you want to trace by double click to get the list for skype errors. The latest error will be displayed on the top of the list.
  4. You can copy the details of error in the form of text and paste it in skype support chat window, if told to do so.