In this blog post, we will let you know that how you can able to diagnose the problem of searching a friend on a skype. The process for searching is discussed below. You don’t need to take skype support from the official website after learning the way from here.

We all know that skype is a software with which we can communicate with our friends and colleagues through spoken conversation. The one who has created the Id on skype account will made available for others. The skype account holders can easily connect with one another by entering the details of particular. After being connected, you can call through microphone and speakers and listen to him. It seems like you are speaking right from the next room of your friend’s room. So skype application provides lot of services to the users. If you want video call to your relative settled abroad then you can call smoothly. There is a requirement of high speed internet access only for the same.

Microsoft has developed this fabulous program for windows, Linux and Macintosh operating systems. Now a days, you will find the app in the android as well as other smart phones also that support the internet connection.

While using the skype software some individuals came across with the different problems also in the software like the skype not connecting, the friends are not being easily searched and skype microphone not working. They even tried every single solutions to fix this problem, some able to achieve the success but some goes in vain.

You are also facing the problem in finding the friends? Don’t worry the solution is now just a two lines away. Keep your eyes on the below paragraphs, you will definitely find the solution. The ways by which you can find friends on the skype are discussed here as under:

1. Adding of friends automatically

When you are opening a skype on the mobile phone, it prompts you to share the mobile phone contact book with the skype. If you click on yes then it automatically scans and detects the friends who are on skype. You just have to click on ‘automatic add friends’ option. After that the process is completed automatically by the skype itself. If the problem is not fixed then you can take skype help from the help center.

 2. Using a share link

Whenever you do conversations on skype then you can share these conversations even with the person who are not on skype. You just copy and paste the link and send to the mail. When the new person log onto skype and open this link then the friends on this link will automatically get added to his friend list. More information regarding the share link can be get from the link URL.

 3. Searching

To search for a particular person, just enter the skype name or ask the phone number or email address of your friend whom you want to add. Type the details in the search box. You will find the friend directly with this information. There is a possibility that you get more than two profiles of same name, in that case open the profile to match the other particulars with your friend. Skype not working in searching these then it means that there is problem within the name or particular number in the mobile. You can then check the picture, country or other details to match with the original person.



 4. Make your profile easier to find by your friends

If you add complete details in your profile then it will be easy for your friends to find you because if any of their information matched with your profile information then they can easily add you without any hassle. The editing of profile is done through getting into the account and click on ‘edit’ option available at the bottom of the page. Go through skype customer service chat to get your file edited.