How To Stop Roku Device From Freezing? Know The Tips And Tricks

Roku Device

The problem of Roku freezing is so common these days that every 3 out of 5 users is facing this problem. Today in this blog post, we are going to decode this issue without taking any help from www Roku com support link. Kindly pay a close attention to this blog post and settle the issue by own.

Many Roku users are facing this problem frequently and are totagoolly upset with this problem. You can imagine the frustration from the fact that how you feel if someone power off your TV when your favorite program is still running on it. So if you are facing a similar problem, then you might be curious to know the procedure to rectify this problem.

Keep the player cool

Heat is not just the enemy but can also damage the electronic appliances. You must know this thing that when you use your Roku device continuously for more than 5-6 hours then it started getting heated. This may result in freezing problem or any other connectivity issue that results in Roku not working. Therefore it is mandatory to provide proper air circulation inside the device so that the device remain cool and keep working properly.

Firmware update

Sometimes, you may face this frozen problem, if your Roku OS is not updated. Roku keep on releasing OS updates time to time. So you need to keep your Roku firmware version up to date on order to stay away from such dreadful problems. You can check the latest firmware for your Roku device from Roku update link. Otherwise, you can also opt for automatic updates from your Roku device remote.

To check the updates manually, go to ‘settings’ from the Roku remote and click on ‘software update’. Finally tap on ‘check for update’ option. If you are facing any problem in updating your Roku device, then you can take help from www Roku com link or call at service and support number.

Defective Roku channels

The problem in your Roku can also be due to the defective Roku channels that have recently being installed in your device. Main channels that may encounter an issue are Facebook and HULU. Netflix is another one in the same line. These channels must be diagnosed and repaired from Roku end, only then you will able to watch the contents through the device seamlessly.

Freezing problem while playing specific files

It is important to share here that if you are trying to watch 1080P high quality MKV contents on your device, then this may lead to serious problem like freezing and unresponsiveness. If you are using a plex software, then you may not get this problem. If you find that certain files in your playlist are broken or corrupt, then it is advisable not to play such files on your Roku device.

Fast forwarding and Rewinding may lead to frozen problem

While watching a video or any other stuff on particular app, if you keep on fast forwarding or rewinding the things frequently, then it also lead to the frozen problem. Navigating between different channels and playlist also results in crashing of Roku player. If you are facing problem with such situation, then you need to take support from the Roku official link. The Roku officials will guide you properly and efficiently.

What can you do to remove Roku freezing problem

  1. Lower the picture quality of your video, which you are going to watch in few minutes.
  2. Limit the channels in your Roku home list and uninstall irrelevant channels from the device.

Loose or faulty HDMI cable may cause freezing problem in your Roku device. You will even get HDCP error on your screen in such cases. To remove this error replace the HDMI cable at once or connect the cable properly.

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