Kindle devices are the market ruler with their best in class performance and perfect technical support services. If you are also a Kindle owner, then surely have also faced some issues that prevent the conversion of the e-books in the Kindle supported format. This can be due to the issue with the file or some other technical issue.

This can be a really irritating matter especially when you are trying to convert a file into a Kindle supported file format. This issue can be resolved by following a proper procedure which can help in fixing the issue. Furthermore, if you are unable to tackle the issue at your own, try to call the Kindle Support on the helpline number provided over the company’s official website. They will help you in dealing with any sort of problem that you are facing with the Kindle device.

How to convert a normal word file into a Kindle supported file format

The official way of converting the files to Kindle supported file format is to use Kindle Direct publishing (KDP). It is the perfect online platform which converts word file format into the desired e-book format. It helps in converting the file and then uploads the e-book formatted file on the store. You can then download the book from the store once it has been converted. Sometimes, it has been seen that this method can be not so satisfactory and may show some errors. These errors can be due to some technical issues that are causing an interrupt in the conversion of the file. In case you are unable to convert the file, or facing unknown issues, you can visit www kindle com support for getting instant help by the customer care executives.


Resolving the issues while formatting

The issues can be easily resolved by following some of the guidelines. It has been observed that this works for a number of users and they have found this steps useful. Here is the procedure:

  1. Firstly, create an HTML file of the book which must contain the text in the form of HTML.
  2. Create the table of contents which should also be in the same format. Make sure that you use your actual page numbers and the description as provided on the front page of your book.
  3. Create a table of contents OPF file.
  4. Finally, create table of contents in file formats.

Now after performing all the above steps, you will now have to combine all the documents and then choosing a desired book cover for your e-book. This can be done by using of software named as KindleGen which converts your file format into the Kindle supported file format. Moreover, you can preview your book before you can convert it. In case you face difficulties in the entire process, get in touch with the service team at Kindle Com Support. Make sure that you have your device in ready state before contacting them. This will make the assistance more efficient and will eventually save a lot of your valuable time.

How to get instant support from the Kindle support team

At any instance, you can get in touch with the official service provider for help. Kindle Help is available for any issue which you may face with the device. Moreover, you must visit the website for connecting to the support team. You can have the assistance on a chat or you can make a call on the helpline number provided over the website. The customer support team has a good knowledge regarding the product and they are always ready to serve you the best. Get in touch today.