Skype is the number one video conferencing platform that is capable of delivering the perfect flawless performance. It has become the standard video conferencing option globally and has been admired by over millions of satisfied customers. The company has managed to build a relationship which is entirely woven by trust and best in class services.

The new version of Skype has been recently launched with some of the great features and specs. The older release has been already popular among the users and they are pretty excited to update to the latest version. Apart from this, the company is also facing some troubles with the existing versions as some of the users are complaining about an issue that prevents them to log in to their Skype id. Skype support is available in case you also facing such issue on your Windows desktop.

What is the issue in the Skype for Windows desktop version ?

Users are complaining that they are unable to sign in to Skype and they are just getting a blue screen after they enter their personal login details. This is very annoying as you are able to see only a blank blue screen with a Skype logo on the top of the screen after entering the personal details. This can be due to some minor technical issue that is causing interrupts in signing in to the account. Though, Skype help is available and you can get in touch to resolve the issue, you can also try some trick at your own to resolve the problem.

Here are some of the steps that you can follow in order to resume the services from Skype

Update Skype to the new latest version available for your Windows desktop 

This is the perfect way of resolving the issue which is annoying you by not letting you to sign in to your Skype account. For this, you must open the Skype application and then click on menu bar and then again click on help. Here you will find an option displaying “Check for Updates”. Click on this option and the software will automatically check for the available updates. Moreover, if the updates are available, then you can easily download the necessary installation files by following the procedure.

Once the update has been installed, you must restart your system in order to apply the changes. Now you can seamlessly enjoy uninterrupted services from Skype. In case the issue is not resolved or you are currently running the latest version, you must seek for an immediate help from the service providers by visiting their website and clicking on Skype support chat. This will start a chat session with the professional expert which will help in resolving the issue.


Update your operating system

Apart from the updating Skype, you can also check for an update for your desktop. This is essentially important as there can be some bugs in the current operating system which is causing the actual trouble. Make sure that your automatic updates are turned on to ensure proper updating of the software. After updating you operating system you can check for the Skype issue that whether it has been fixed or not. If you still face issues, then you can visit the official website and click on a link that states Skype not working.

How to get in touch with the customer care service providers ?

If you are unable to deal with the blank blue screen issue, then it is strongly recommended that you must get in touch with the professional assistance provider. For this, visit the website and have a chat session with them. Otherwise, make a call on the helpline number provided.