The all new Xbox One is the best in class gaming console which delivers outstanding performance and leisure of gaming. It is the most advanced combination of hardware and software that works perfectly to provide you the best gaming experience.

Sometimes you may face some issues with the console which can be very annoying. The most common issues are related with the update of the device and the problems with the disk. These issues can be easily resolved at your own but in case you are facing difficulties, you can seek for an expert help. Xbox One support is available and the customer care executives will help you in resolving any issues in just a couple of minutes.

How to fix issue with the Xbox One update

If you are facing issues with the console regarding the update, then you can easily sort out the issue at your own. Here we are providing you some helpful tips and tricks that will work in your case. Make sure you follow each instruction carefully as this will help you in resolving the issue in just a few minutes. The common issues that interrupt the update are:

1. Your Xbox memory is almost full

 In case your Xbox’s memory is full, you will not be able to download the new available updates. You must ensure that your Xbox has enough storage space that it can manage to download and install updates. In case you have sufficient memory and still facing such issues, you must get in touch with the Microsoft Xbox support. They will help you in resolving the issue as they have a good knowledge and experience of handling such problems with the device. If you see a message that displays that you are currently out of space, then the problem is caused due to some memory options. For fixing this, you must go to My Games and Apps and choose the game you don’t like to play anymore, select it and then press menu on the Xbox One controller and then click on uninstall. This will probably fix the issue and you can try to install the updates now.


2. Problem with the new update

 Sometimes, your console is not creating the problem and it can be due to an issue with the update file. This can be due to some technical errors that can prevent updating of the console. Make sure you have gathered all the information regarding the latest version of the available operating system. You must crosscheck online for the reviews of current update and must retry after some time.

How to fix an issue which prevents reading of the disk on Xbox

Some gamers often complain about the issues with the disk playing on the console. They are unable to play games as the disk containing the game does not work on their console. This can be due to some small issue and can be easily resolved by following some steps. For detailed guidance and help you call the Call Xbox support team for help.  These steps are as follows:

clean-the-disk1. Cleaning the disk with a clean cloth

You can easily fix the issue by wiping the disk with a clean cloth. You must gently rub the colored surface of the disk and then try to run it. In many cases this tip works as there can be some dust particles that prevent the disk to be read by the console.


clean-disk2. Check for any type of physical damage

 In some cases, the disk is physically damaged and hence, the console is unable to read it. Check the disk for some damages and try another disk. Alternatively, if you issue does not resolves, Xbox tech support is always ready to serve you.