Today, we are going to explain the process for troubleshoot the ‘open tray error’ in Xbox 360 without taking any help from official Xbox one customer support link. You can try resolving this issue by inserting a different disc in your Xbox 360 drive.

We want to tell you here that if you are facing this issue with your Xbox 360, then this is due to the reason that the disc is not inserted properly in the disc drive or due to some technical failure in the hardware but there is nothing to worry, we are going to provide a solid solution for this problem. There is no need to take Xbox help from the official support link.

Now we are going to discuss the 6 ways through which you can solve the problem in your Xbox 360.  These steps are verified by the Xbox live support team as well. You must read all the below mentioned points carefully. Point number 5 and 6 are very helpful for you. These points will definitely solve your problem.

  1. Blow air into the Xbox disc drive: This is an easy fix and you can do it easily. Open the drive tray and blow some air into the drive. This will remove the dust trapped inside the box and on laser device. Laser is used to read the disc inserted inside the drive. laser-xbox-disc
  2. Clean the CD: clean the CD with soft cotton cloth so that it can be read easily. Even you can wash it with the portable water. Remove scratches from the disc with the help of some cleaner. Try playing the disc now, if you still getting the problem, then take support from Xbox helpline All the technical information can be received through this support number. clean-the-disc
  3. Clean the power cords: sometimes some particles that are trapped inside the power cord or socket also leads to this problem. So clean the power cord by blowing the air into the power cord with the help of mouth. Don’t forget to unplug the cord, when you perform this function. Plug in the cord again after cleaning.
  4. Try inserting different disc: If you are still getting the same problem, then try playing by inserting a different disc into the drive. This is because some disc’s stopped playing after several playbacks due to its pirated contents. So you must ensure that you are using an original disc in your disc drive of Xbox 360. If the problem is with the specific disc, then you can download the CD contents from internet alternatively. Go to the download link and click on download icon. You can easily burn this downloaded file into the CD through DVD writer.
  5. Keep on opening and closing the disc frequently: If you find that some discs are running after trying several times, then you can also try this fix. This is an easy and simple fix. You must open the disc drive two three times, then close it. Continue this operation for at least 5 minutes so that laser will read it.
  6. Knock the Xbox 360: You can try this technique if you are getting double click error on your Xbox 360 console box. To try this fix, just close the drive after inserting the disc into it and gently knock the console from the top of the body. You will get the result in next five minutes. Either you will succeed or fail after this step.

So these above mentioned points will definitely work for you, if you implement them properly. Yes, if you are still an unlucky user, then the only way left to troubleshoot your problem is by taking help from Xbox chat support link.