If you are a gamer then here’s good news for you! The Xbox One owners who are planning to upgrade to the Xbox One S can get a Kinect Adaptor for free of cost. This is a limited period offer and can be easily availed by following some simple steps.

The company has launched this offer for the sake of their gamers who are willing to update their current gaming console. Xbox One S does not contain the necessary Kinect port which is provided in the original Xbox One console. This adapter is a must for playing Kinect games on the new gaming console. This is the same device which is used to connect the Kinetic to a Windows PC via a USB connection. For more details you can get in touch with the Xbox One support team and they will guide you better about the offer.

Here are the steps that are involved in the entire procedure of getting the Kinetic Adaptor

Firstly, you must node down all the serial numbers of your Xbox One console, the new Xbox One S console and the Kinetic sensor. These serial numbers must be registered in order to get the free adaptor from the company. The Kinetic Sensor number is a twelve digit serial number which is provided beneath the barcode under the Kinetic. The Xbox One serial number is provided on the sticker which is available under the console.

Make sure you carefully handle the console while you are looking for a serial number. Finally, the Xbox One S serial number is available at the back panel of the console and you can easily find that. For expert help, you can easily get in touch with the support team by visiting their website and clicking on Microsoft Xbox support. They are highly experienced professionals and they have a better knowledge of the device and thus, they will eventually help you in saving your time and getting the job done.


How to register the product on the official website

Once you have copied the serial numbers, you need to register them at the official Microsoft website. There you can easily find out the page for registering the products. Once the registration is complete, you need to get in touch with the Microsoft Xbox support and make sure that you have your serial numbers handy. This will help you in registering yourself for a free adaptor. Make sure that you have taken the correct serial numbers of each device and that of Kinetic. This is essentially important and in case you are having troubles in the entire process, you can ask for a help from the support team.

Once you are qualifies for the free adaptor, you will receive the kinetic adaptor and then you can enjoy seamless pleasure of Kinetic games.  You can connect your device to your Kinect device by plugging the provided USB cable in to the left USB port at the back of your Xbox One S. Now you have to plug the Kinect cable to the port and then plug the adapter power cable into a power outlet.

Please note that if you already have an Xbox One S then you will have to pay for the adaptor.

How to get the support team’s help for guidance in the entire process

The company is providing the fines customer care services for their beloved customers. You just need to Call Xbox support service and they will help you in getting the issues resolved which you are facing with the device. Alternatively you can also have a chat session and get the necessary guidelines which will help you in the entire process.

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