Roku is the most advanced media streaming player that has entirely changed the way you watch your TV. The company is providing the best in class features that lets you connect your Roku device with your computer and choose the mirroring option for the screen. It lets you to use your TV screen as your computer/laptop’s mirrored screen.

There are some issues which you can face while you are using this feature of Roku. Most common issue is the displaying of error 014 message on the screen. This is due to some technical error and can be resolved by following some basic steps. In case you are unable to figure out the actual cause, you can easily get Roku help for fixing the issue.

When you see an error message that states “Error 014”

The error 014 is usually displayed on your screen when your computer gets freeze due to any unknown reasons. This can be due to some technical error or due to some malfunctioning of some of the preinstalled applications on the system. For fixing this issue you need to follow some tips and tricks that will eventually help you in resolving the issue in just couple of seconds. First of all, you must ensure your system’s overall performance. This is essentially important because your PC’s poor performance can be a reason for this error. Also, check for your system’s compatibility with the Roku device, in case your system is incompatible, try to use some other PC/laptop. To check your system’s compatibility, you can visit the official website at Roku com.


Fixing the Error 014 issue with your Roku device

To fix this annoying issue, you need to follow a set of simple guidelines that will eventually prove to be helpful in troubleshooting the issue. Here are the steps:

1. First of all you must download Smart PC fixer or other relevant PC error removing software from internet. This software helps to fix the error issues for your system’s different applications and essential programs. You must install the software by following all the instructions, once the software is downloaded.

2. Furthermore, you will now need to run your laptop/computer in safe mode in order to perform the necessary actions. For this, restart your system and during booting, keep on pressing F8 key until you see safe mode option.

3. Other options are available for resolving the issue, but for that you need to manually search the issue in every installed program by opening device manager. This is a quite hectic task and you will need an expert help for this. You can visit the support website at www Roku com support. And get an instant help.

4. The best way is to use Smart PC fixer. It automatically detects system errors and repairs them automatically. The perfect way to fix system errors that are causing issues with your Roku device.

5. Run the program and you must click on System tools and then click on Windows updates. This will scan the entire system for any kind of available updates. This will also fix issues related with various missing files of essential system applications and program.

6. Once the task is complete, you will see detailed log of the installed updates and other important files. You must then restart you system in order to apply the changes.

Make sure that you must perform this action only in safe mode. This is necessarily important to prevent any kind of system errors. In case you are unable to deal with the software or you are unable to trace the issue with the Roku device, try getting support services from the company by visiting www support Roku com.