Today, we will discuss the issues you faced while activating your Roku device after Roku setup and let you know the steps to solve them. The steps discussed in this blog post are so easy and simple to understand that you will not require to take Roku help from any other online blog page.

First of all, I would like to explain you that if you want to activate your Roku device for streaming the online contents, then you will require a Roku account for linking the device with it, otherwise you will not able to cast the contents to the TV. The Roku account contains all the information related to the serial number and other necessary information of your streaming device. Apart from this, an account also holds an information related to the installed channels on your Roku app. You can change the preferences as well as settings of your Roku device with the help of Roku account. This is a unique account for your device. Nobody else can use your account for his/her own device. The steps to create an online account on the Roku page are available on the www Roku com link.

To activate your Roku, follow the instructions written below:

  1. Open the quick setup guide came with your Roku box.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect Roku with internet.
  3. If required, your Roku device may start downloading an update for firmware.
  4. You will now get Roku link code on the screen.
  5. Open Roku com link from your smartphone and enter the link code which is in the form ‘XJ14J’ in the space provided.
  6. Click on submit.
  7. If you get an error code after submitting link code on website then:
  • Move back to Roku device and click on ‘get a new code’.
  • After getting the new link code, open the Roku com link again and enter the code.
  1. If your device stuck in between and keeps on loading the link code then follow the steps explained below:
  • Wait for few minutes till the activation process gets completed by own. If this doesn’t happen then,
  • Ensure that you have completed all the steps mentioned in the activation process on  www Roku com support
  • If you have left any step in the process, then you won’t be able to activate your device.
  1. If you notice “error 001” or ‘not connected’ message on the upper top right corner of TV screen, then this is due to the inability of your device to connect to an internet. In such cases, try to connect to your network again. If this doesn’t work on your device, then you can take help from official Roku link.
  2. Now it’s the time to create a Roku account on the site. If you have already registered on it, then simple enter the credentials in the relevant box.
  3. If you are new user, then you need to enter the payment information and method for future use.
  4. This payment method will be used for future subscriptions to channels. If you want to buy any show or movie from the channel store, then you will require the payment information to do purchases.
  5. You will not be charged anything from your account for linking the payment method over it.
  6. Yes if you want to purchase any additional plan or subscription, then it will be charged from your account.
  7. You can protect your payment method by creating a PIN for it. This will bar unauthorized people to gain access to your purchasing menu.
  8. After completing all the mentioned steps, you can easily cast the contents to the TV screen. Your device will be ready to play contents.