Skype has been in the news for launching a newer version of their video calling application. The latest version seems to be a little overstuffed with features that many of the users actually don’t want to use.

Many users are complaining that the previous version was far much better than the newer one and they are searching for various tricks for making that previous version work for their system. Here we will provide you with some of the guidelines which will help you in getting your job done in just a couple of minutes. Make sure you follow each and every step carefully so that you do not face any sort of problems. Skype support is available for its clients and they are always ready to serve you the best.


Here is the step by step procedure that will help you in getting your job done

  1. Firstly, make a backup of your previous Skype 5.x executable file so that once you have your job done, you can easily restore all of your previous data. Also, if you face any type of problem in making a backup of the application, you can seek for help from the Skype help. They will assist you in making the backup of your previous chats and other personal media.
  2. Now you must install the latest version of Skype on the system and complete the installation by following the instruction guidelines provided by the official website.
  3. Make sure that you have entered the existing Skype credentials and then check the automatic sign in option.
  4. Exit the Skype version 6.x. Ensure that you have exited the application properly. Sometimes it has been seen that you just minimise the application and not exit it. Now you have to replace the file named as Skype.exe in the Program Files\Skype folder. Now close all the folders.
  5. Now run the Skype and it shall be working smoothly. The old Skype will be working by using the newer Skype’s credentials. In case you find that your Skype not working then you can seek for an expert help by calling the Skype helpline number and also you can visit the website for an instant chat support from the customer care executives.


How to get in touch with the customer care services?

Sometimes it has been seen that you are unable to figure out things and need expert help. In such case it is mandatory for you to get in touch with the service providers and seek for help. You can visit the website and start a chat session with the customer care executives. Moreover, you can get instant help on a phone call. You just need to make a call on the helpline number which is provided over the company’s official website. Some of the issues that will require customer care help are given as follows

1. Skype audio not working

This is the most common issue in which the Skype audio is not available to you. This can be due to a small technical issue or due to some improper installation of the product. You can fix this issue by restarting the device and in case it is not fixed, try to call the Skype customer care service providers.

2. Skype webcam not working

This is another issue in which you are unable to use your webcam. It can be due to some small issue with your Skype which can be resolved by restarting your system. If it does not work, then the problem can be with your webcam itself. Try any another camera application to test the functionality of the webcam. Alternatively, you can connect with customer support services.