Are you facing problem while signing onto skype account from window 10 desktop? If yes, then we are going to provide the solution for it. Before starting with the solution, ensure that you are using the latest version of Skype software in your computer. You can check the current version of your software from skype home settings and from skype support even.

If you are still facing the same issue Even after downloading the latest version of skype program, then go through the below mentioned troubleshooting points. These points will certainly help you. You don’t need to call at skype help and support numbers after reading this blog post.

To fix the I/O Errors, follow the below mentioned points

There are mainly two ways to fix the I/O Errors. One is to delete and re-design your user folder. Other way is to modify the access of your Temporary files.

Process to replace and delete the user folder

  1. Close the skype window if opened. As we all know that the skype remain open in the taskbar, so you have to shut it down from here as well, for this you will have to right click on skype icon in the taskbar. When you right click on the skype icon, you will find ‘quit skype’ option. Click on it to exit the app permanently.
  2. Press the window logo + R key from the keyboard together.
  3. You will notice Run window in front of your screen. Type appdata%skype and click on ok.
  4. Open the skype folder from the file explorer window. You will find this folder which may start with Live or skype.
  5. When you delete this folder, then all the chat history gets deleted and you will not able to retrieve it. Yes, if you want to store the chat history, then first go to skype folder and open file and get it pasted in your windows. However, you may not able to restore the chat completely but you can easily transfer it back to the system again. Sometimes, you may face the problem of skype not working in your system. This is due to the outdated version of skype software in your desktop. In such cases either update your system or take support from skype customer service chat.
  6. Delete the skype folder completely then.
  7. Proceed with the skype sign in again. Once you sign in with the skype account, then the previously deleted folder will be automatically created. Paste the files back into the folder to restore the previous chat.

In case, you are not able to troubleshoot the problem yet, then you must check the temporary files that are stored in external profile and look for the necessary permissions that are required for sign-in.


Go through the below mentioned steps in order to troubleshoot this problem

  1. Exit the skype sign in window.
  2. Open the file explorer and go to ‘my computer’. Look for temporary folder in ‘my computer’ menu.
  3. Right click on temporary folder and select the ‘properties’.
  4. Go to security tab.
  5. Click on ‘Modify’ then Add the permissions in temp window.

Note: You must ensure that your PC name should be displayed under this location. If your PC name doesn’t matches with the location then you must change the location first from the list of options.

  1. Enter the name of the object in the related box and type the application packages. You have to go through the list of names. You will see all the packages underlined in this box.
  2. Press ok to add all the application packages to the current account so as to access the temp folder.
  3. You have to grant full access to the program so that it can read and write accordingly. To enable the following options, check mark the boxes.
  4. Click OK to submit the permissions for Temp window.
  5. Sign-in with the skype again.


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