Skype is an Amazing app that works like other social apps but sometimes it may suffer from abnormal problems or bugs. Today, we are going to discuss the most common problems that are encountered in your skype for android along with their solutions through which you can easily fix them without taking any skype support from the link.

Now we are going to discuss the problems one by one. Read them carefully and implement the solutions if needed.

1. Poor sound quality after placing a phone close to an ear

This problem mainly arrives when there is some problem with the proximity sensor. According to skype help team, in such cases one must leave the call screen and try to use 3G network instead of home Wi-Fi network because a poor signal also results in same problem. Another alternative to listen to your phone call through speaker is, plugging a headset into the jack. In case skype audio not working yet, then you can contact the support team.

2. Lack of space while installing a skype software

This problem generally occurs when there is some bug in Android that prevents cleaning process after installation. The possible way to get out of this problem is by rebooting and retry the installation again and again. If this solution doesn’t help, then the only way left out is factory reset. Reset the device by using factory reset option from the ‘settings’ menu.

3. Using more than one account on same mobile

If you want to use more than one account on your mobile then you can do it easily. Skype provides an option to use or logged onto more than one account from same mobile by using the following technique. Just go to settings and uncheck the box that says ‘automatic sign in’. So when you log in next time, you can enter any other skype credentials which you want to use without any hassle.

4. Notification problem on android mobile

If you are unable to receive any new message from a chat, then check the ‘settings’ of your phone. You might have turned off notification or it may be done accidently. Go to ‘settings’ and enable new notification alarm. If it is already done, then check the skype own settings from the main home window. May be your skype not connecting to the network properly, so this can be one of the reason for this problem. Check the network connection to fix this issue as well.

5. Video call consuming your data pack

If your video call is consuming the whole data pack from your mobile, then open the skype menu from the app and click on ‘settings’. Search for video and voice calls and click on quality. Set the quality to ‘basic’ level from ‘best’ level. If Skype video not working now, then check the network connection speed.

6. Skype sign in problem

If you are unable to sign in to your skype account at this time, then this problem is mainly due to the obsolete version of skype software that you have installed in your device. The best way to get rid of this problem is update the software to latest version and if you are yet receiving the same problem even after updating the software, then uninstall the app and download it again from the mobile app store.


7. Unable to update the skype software

If you are using a skype app in your mobile and want to update a software and to enjoy the new features but not able to do so, then check your android version and device storage because the minimum system requirements must for updating a skype software is android 2.3 or higher with 27 MB storage. Skype calling quality also depends on the in-built processors of your mobile phone.