It’s been a year that you’ve been able to play the amazing games of Xbox 360 on Xbox One. Xbox support nearly 250 titles and it’s increasing regularly with new titles that are released. However, all the games from the old library are not playable but with the changing scenario it’s going to be possible soon.

Do you want to get something different on your Xbox one and want to play Xbox 360 games on it? Here’s a solution for you. We are going to discuss about the backward compatibility function of Xbox one in this blog post.

How the backward compatibility functions?

Microsoft announced its maiden backward compatibility in present generation console box in June 2015. This has brought 104 games initially in November 2016.

The emulation software developed for the Xbox one is going to give you the feeling as if you are using previous generation machine that is intended for the purpose of playing previous generation games. Xbox one support all the Xbox 360 games with this software.

When the Xbox 360 game was loaded on the new machine, you will find as if you are playing it on Xbox 360 only. The loading screen or the welcome screen was quite similar to that of 360 opening screen.

All the features and specifications that are available on Xbox 360 were also found in Xbox one. There is an additional feature of taking screenshot and recording a gameplay for sharing with your friend available in Xbox one.

Do I have to shell out more money for Xbox one backwards compatibility?

Microsoft has decided to provide free backwards compatibility to its user with the November update, whereas Sony is charging a price for playing PS3 games on PS4 platform. Sony uses cloud gaming platform for making games of older version possible on playing at new ones. If you already owned a Microsoft Xbox one supported game then there is no need to pay anything for it just play it on Xbox one but if you are purchasing a new Xbox 360 game then it will cost you.

If I buy games through Xbox live, will the backwards compatible feature work with 360 model?

Xbox one backwards compatibility performs well with disc games and digital content. If you insert the disc into the Xbox one box then it will automatically download games from Xbox live support link, but you need to insert the disc in your Xbox one console each time when you play the same game.

Yes, if you are having a digital copy then the game will appear in list of files ready to download. You can review the games & hub if any game needs installation yet. In case you find any problem in installing a game, then you can call at Xbox one customer support number.


Can you purchase the games for Xbox 360 on your Xbox one?

With the latest update done in March 2016, all the Xbox 360 games are on display on Xbox one game store. In case, you are a member of Xbox live Gold, then you will get list of Xbox 360 games that are free for download every month along with the list of Xbox one titles that are free to download. You will get four free games for downloading in a month.

Can I continue with the Xbox 360 games saved in Xbox one?

If you have saved the Xbox 360 games on the cloud then you can easily download the saved file from there and enjoy it on Xbox one version. The files on the cloud are stored with gamer tag, so Xbox one automatically fetches the files from there without any requirement of Microsoft Xbox live support. However, if you have saved the game in your local hard drive then you are required to save it to cloud storage instead after restarting the Xbox 360. Physical presence of Xbox 360 is necessary for accessing the files.