No doubt, all the TV manufactures are doing well in their jobs and it can also affect the Roku 3 usage up to some extent. All the manufactures are making their own smart TV’s nowadays so as to ease the users in connecting to internet and other content based apps like Netflix, Hulu and amazon go, but I want to mention here that all the Smart TV’s don’t work in the way that they are supposed to.

Some smart TVs are so irresponsible and dull that you can’t interface with them easily and the choice to watch contents from different channels is also limited in number. The most recent one that I have faced with the Panasonic TV is the DHCP problem. If you are not familiar with this problem, then continue reading this blog post.

On contrary to it, a $100 Roku device is simple to use and has easy set-up process. You can easily setup your Roku device on TV with the help of www Roku com support link. The user-interface is also simple and easy to navigate.

All you need to do is simply connect the device to the HDMI port of your TV and read the guided instructions that are being displayed on the screen. Connect Roku to Wi-Fi by reading the steps provided on www Roku com link.

The most difficult part of this setup process is activation of each programming service. You need to login to your Roku account for entering a specific code that is generated by the Roku itself on screen. This code is to be entered for every programming service individually.

Now I am going to discuss the important features of Roku device with you:

  1. Quite Viewing

It is one of the marvelous feature of Roku device that allows you to watch the TV contents without disturbing others in your bedroom. You can listen to the sounds of that particular program privately by connecting the headsets.

  1. Wi-Fi Program

Though Roku is still working on adding a feature called ‘Miracast’ in their device but it provides an access to more than 700 channels to its customers. Some channels out of it are paid and some are providing free to air services to the Roku users. All the Roku users can easily enjoy casting the contents from popular channels like Netflix, Hulu plus, YouTube and Amazon instant videos to TV. Roku update its channel list after a regular interval of time, so for this you need to stay connected to Roku support link. You can watch any cuisine recipes in your own language with the help of Roku channels.

Roku has packed with some in-built games, which you can play with the Roku remote. Your Roku remote will work as a controller for your ‘Angry bird’ game. The processor of this device is much more powerful than other media streaming device. You can easily play bulky games and watch high quality contents through Roku 3 device because of top-of-the line processor and hardware circuitry. However, if Roku not working properly or you want some support in this regard, then you can call at Roku support number.

  1. High-definition Streaming

The interfacing of Roku 3 is much easier than that of its predecessors. You can stream full HD 1080p contents on your big screen with this high performance device. The interfacing of new device is undoubtedly less clumsy than the Roku 2 device. You will find other ways too to connect your TV with the internet like gaming consoles etc. but these are not the easier and intelligent one.

I want to mention here that although, TV manufacturers have started making Smart TVs, but these TVs require an additional device for internet connection. So no other device can take the position of Roku 3 in this regard. This device delivers the powerful and speedy performance in streaming the media contents.