Those who think that file transfer is just limited to the usual Skype conversations, then that isn’t the case. It is possible to transfer files during conferencing and IMs. Now, you must be wondering that the process to transfer files during conferencing and IMs will involve a number of steps, but that isn’t the case.

You can send files in the same manner during Skype conferences and IMs like you do during any other Skype communication. You just need to understand the fundamentals and then, the process is extremely easy.

There is no doubt upon the fact that Skype provides a fast and reliable way to transfer files. There are three points that I would like to bring to everyone’s notice about file transfer on Skype. These are:

  • Simple and convenient : If you are doing a chat with someone, and want to send a file to that person, then you can simply drag that file from your desktop or any other location and drop it onto the text box in the conversation window. This is how easy it is. Sometimes, problems like Skype not connecting can arise, but they can be easily resolved.
  • Security : The files sent through Skype are totally secured, whereas if you send files attached in a mail to someone, then those files are not encrypted and can be easily hacked. Unless you change the settings in your email, you can’t make your email secure. But this isn’t the case with Skype. To know more if your messages are secure or not, kindly get in touch with Skype help and support.
  • There isn’t any limit given regarding the file size : If you are worried that attaching a big file is going to take a long time in email, then you should consider transferring that file over Skype. There is a possibility of sending files up to 2GB in size, which is certainly something that can’t be done in emails. People if trying to attach large files in emails start getting messages from the email servers that the file size exceeds the limit of the file size, but no such thing has been found in Skype. So, this is big plus of Skype.


The role of the Skype conversation window also gets changed, as it turns into a virtual conference. If you have been a part of a conference meeting where a piece of paper is distributed to every member of the conference, the same thing happened in Skype conference, where it is possible to place a particular document in front of every person involved in the Skype conference.

With Skype, you can easily transfer files to all people whom you have taken in the conference. The files will be transferred instantly, thus expediting the process and coming towards the main motive of the meeting. For sharing the files, you just need to click the share menu button, which is given at the top of the text entry box. Once you do so, you have to select the files that you want to send. Your friends/business partners will get the notification once you transfer the files. So, everything is fast and transparent in Skype.

Now, if you find that the Skype not connecting, then you can take the help of experts who deals with Skype related issues. They will be able to help you in the best way. Sometimes, problems can arise while transferring files through Skype, which most of the time is due to the bad internet connection.

If you are not able to listen to the voices of other people in the conference, then there is a possibility that Skype Audio not working, so what you need to do is, you take the help of Skype support providers.

You can get the best help from Skype customer service chat or by getting in touch with the experts over a telephonic call.