Use Windstream connectivity with your skype. Better your connection and communicate easily with your loved ones.

The communicating application is the most widely used service, which is accessed by millions of users in the market. The widely accepted communicating software has nailed the market with its extensive features and services. This is the reason the communicating software is adding many new users in its pocket.  As you are a new user in the market, you might have to face the issue of skype microphone not working or skype audio not working. Well, in this situation you don’t need to buckle up your mind, as you can navigate to skype support for any kind of problematic issue.

As you are aware of the function of this amazing communicating software, you will be happier to know that you can better your communicating approach with Windstream broadband services. Besides getting these services, you need to know that connectivity issues are a common problem, which can happen with any supreme service in the market. The issue that you face with the communicating software is sometimes a result of delay from the service provider, which causes the dropping of calls. Well, what you can do is to better your connectivity with simple solutions.

  • The first thing you can try is to wait for the problem to get remove automatically, as it can be a temporary issue, you might be facing with your Skype. Windstream is already aware of this issue from the past and still, trying to fix it. In the meantime, you can try Skype on a different computer to counter the problem of hardware error. If the second computer works fine, then navigate to update your sound card drivers and then reinstall the Skype on the problematic computer. Link your Skype at their support site, if you do not counter any issues with Voice over internet protocol.


  • Contrast your internet connection speed with Skype recommendations- The minimum speed which is necessary to make a video call is 128kbps. Well, this is the recommendations for high- quality video calls. But, you might have to face issue with Skype video not working with this kind of speed. You can counter this issue with the high internet speed or by navigating to Skype support chat for better solutions. If you are dealing with a speed of 30kbps, then you must do something good for yourself by getting a high internet connection.
  • Resetting the router- This is the most common and the most frequent solution that you can apply by the button on the back or you can detach it for 30 seconds. If you still counter the problem, then you can go for an Ethernet cable to link the router. This solution is better than using wireless, as they can get into trouble with poor signal. You can also navigate to ask your query to Windstream for all the recommended brands which work best with their services in order to lessen the probability of compatibility issues. If you still suffer from the router issues, you can go for a quick chat with Skype customer service chat for getting the working solutions.
  • The fourth thing you can do is to search out the modem manufacturer with the updated firmware, as sometimes the old firmware creates problems with the other sites too like Youtube, Myspace In this case, the modem acts differently and completely reboots itself whenever a connection takes place. If you don’t find the firmware update, then upgrade your modem. You can also navigate to Skype Help to get the latest updates regarding the modem or firmware.