With the technological change, the world has also witnessed many innovative changes. Especially, if we talk about the gaming industry, there has been lots of development, not only in terms of many games in the market but also many innovative gaming gadgets, which has ruled over the gaming industry from past many years. One of those prime gadgets is the Xbox gaming consoles, which is constantly kept on moving in the direction of making the gaming experience better. This is the reason; the gaming brand has become a big name in the gaming industry. With the diverse range of Xbox which includes Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox one, the gaming brand is continuously adding new users in the market. So, all the new users, who want to kick start the ravishing journey of this gaming brand, they can head to Xbox one support for any kind of assistance. If you still don’t get the required solutions, you can also navigate to xbox one customer support for any queries and quick solutions.

Despite all this, with such kind of high-quality graphics and features, there are many new players and might be some of the old players, who could not update their gaming console due to some prime reasons like, the lack of internet, which is quite a common issue. This is the reason, we are here to counter this annoying issue with the update process of xbox one. Let’s crack the process. Well, note that Microsoft xbox support has put a 20-page guide to the process.

The First thing which you need to check is the operating system number of your xbox one.

  • Firstly, tap the xbox button to return to the Home screen.
  • Now, click the menu button and choose settings (or go to home screen and select settings).
  • Choose system.
  • Choose the console information.
  • You will find your OS version in the third row, registered as Build number. In case, if you counter any kind of issues, you can head towards xbox helpline for quick solutions.

Now, connect your USB drive on your computer. And head to

  • On your computer, connect your USB flash drive into a USB port.
  • Head to format the USB as NTFS (Note that the USB drive should be of 2 GB).
  • To install properly, you need to choose the right OS version from Microsoft FAQ page.
  • Tap save to save the console update .zip file to your computer.
  • Unlock the file, if you are using Windows 7, Windows vista, and Windows XP. Now, double-tap on the .zip file to unlock it.
  • On the root directory of your flash drive, simply copy the contents of the .zip file.
  • Detach the USB flash drive from your computer. If you counter any kind of issues in this process, you can head to xbox one tech support, for any kind of technical interruption.


Now, transfer the update to your xbox one

  • If you are a user of wired connection network, then detach the network cable.
  • Switch off your console, then detach the power cord to confirm that the console is completely off.
  • Now, you have to wait for 30 seconds.
  • Connect the power cord back in.
  • On your xbox one console, connect the flash drive into a USB port.
  • Now, click and hold the EJECT and BIND buttons, and click the power on. Hold both the buttons for 15 seconds.
  • A couple of seconds apart, listen the two “power-up” tones.

If you hear the two “power-up” tones, then the update is successful, and if don’t, then it is failed. The xbox one console will restart if the two “power-up” tones will be audible. Apart from this, if you counter any issue, you can navigate to xbox chat support for any assistance.