Getting engaged with the diverse range of books, music and movies are one of the key features of kindle Fire HD. Accessing the amazing features and services makes the tablet to be more compatible. But, there are instances, when you need to boot your kindle fire HD to counter the normal issues by your own. Well, repeating the boot for multiple reasons also let you face the situation of having a bricked kindle fire. Get to know the way of recovering your bricked kindle fire HD. You can head to kindle help for detailed analyze of this problem.

When we look out for the best source of having a perfect e-reading tablet with the addition of engaging entertainment, we still need to scratch our head to grab one perfect partner. And Kindle fire HD is actually that one of the best choices which provides the best eBooks with the engaging entertainment in terms of movies, tv shows and browsing the web. With the fine features and services, the tablet has already marked its place in the market. This is the reason that the tablet is still adding many new users in its list. All the new users can head to Kindle Com Support to counter any kind of issues with the better assistance from the experts.

Getting engaged with the services sometimes lead to some common issues. And to counter all such kind of common issues, you often head to boot your kindle fire to get rid of the problems. While doing so also lead to no boot up by the kindle fire. In normal situations, if your kindle fire switch on and doesn’t boot into the software and you are getting a red triangle, then its ok. But, if your tablet doesn’t switch on, then you may be unlucky, as it can lead to truly bricked forever. To kick start the recovery, you need to head to fast boot mode to install the stock software. You will need a special cable called Fast boot cable to initiate the process to recover your kindle fire. Once you are done with the fast boot, you can head to the procedure to recover. You can reach out to www Kindle com support if you need any kind of detailed information regarding the bricked kindle fire problem. Let’s crack down the steps.


  • The first thing to do is to switch off your kindle fire, then put the fast boot cable and attach it to the PC. The kindle will get started and will head into a screen that showcases fast boot.
  • Now head to download the KFHD Restore tool and extract it to a folder on the PC. In that folder, tap the SR tool file. If you counter any kind of issue while downloading the tool, you can head to Kindle Fire Support Help to fix the issue and get the required solution.
  • Select the option 1, and keep patience to let the file transfer to be done, as there will be no progress until the file is downloaded.
  • When the transfer of image gets completed, you can head to reboot your kindle fire and there will get your recovered kindle fire. In case, if you get into trouble with the transfer of the image, you can reach out to Amazon Kindle Support for further assistance.