We know that Roku is a popular streaming device that helps in casting the contents to the TV with the help of internet. A strong internet connection is the prerequisite for it. There are huge number of channels available on the Roku store through which you can enjoy the TV shows and other videos on your TV. These channels are categorised according to the different genre. You can beef up the channels on Roku screen according to your ease. You can find free channels on www Roku com link.

We are now going to discuss with you the methods and steps with which you can improve the streaming experience on Roku device. These methods are common for all the Roku device and Roku channels. Today, we are going to discuss from the HBO GO channel perspective. If it is not playing the videos properly or buffering takes time then you can follow the below mentioned steps to improve the speed and video quality of HBO GO channel. Setup Roku account on your device then install the channels in your Roku feed screen with the help of Roku remote. You will get limited access to the channels without entering Roku link code for particular channel. The Roku code is necessary for unlocking the contents of channel.

The techniques for improving the video playback quality of HBO GO channel on Roku device is discussed below. If you are unable to play the videos or takes too long time to buffer then you can do the following things to improve the quality.

1. Check the network speed

High speed internet connection is required for playing Full HD video contents from various channels. The minimum speed requirement for playing the Full HD videos is 3 MBPS. Your internet speed must meet the requirement or greater than the required speed. Internet speed tests can be performed through online software’s. You must take the reading at different time intervals so that you can cross check it. Contact your internet service provider for any type of help regarding the internet connection.


2. Power cycle your device

To power cycle the connected device, go through the following points.

  • Unplug the Roku device from the power source.
  • Remove the power socket of router and modem.
  • Connect the modem again then the router and wait for seconds so that lights will turn on.
  • Connect the Roku with the TV now.
  • Try to stream the HBO GO channel videos now. For more help and information, go to www support Roku com

3. Try the streaming Tips from Roku

 There are some best streaming tips provided by the Roku Company on the website itself. You must read those tips carefully. The main tips include: Selection of best device for media streaming and downloading more and more channels from the private channel list. These channels are available free of cost.  Other tip to improve the streaming quality includes uninstallation of channel from the list with the help of Roku remote and install the channel again from the Roku com link. You can add your favorite channel on Roku home screen with the help of Roku remote.


4. Select the wired network

 Sometimes the problem exist within the Wi-Fi network only and you are not able to stream the contents properly. The best solution to this problem is use of wired network for Roku device. To setup the network, follow the below mentioned points:

  • Go to the settings of Roku from home screen.
  • Connect the Ethernet cable at the back of device
  • Select the ‘wired’ network from the option.
  • Click on ‘ok’ to connect to wire network.

So, all these steps are useful for improving the performance and quality of video playback on Roku device.