Do you know a single click can delete all your EBooks from kindle library on kindle device? Now the next question in your mind would be, how it is possible. Today, I am going to explain this in the blog post. You need to read this blog post carefully, so that you can able to avoid this mistake.

I am having 2 kindle tablets at home and both are running smoothly without any problem. One day one of my kindle stopped working accidently. It was not able to respond to my commands and queries. I tried to fix it by taking kindle help from Amazon kindle support link but nothing has worked on it. I, then opened the web browser on my laptop and started reading the blogs related to this problem. At the end, all went in vain and nothing had helped me to fix this problem.

I want to discuss here that I had saved all my books in the Mantano app with EPUB format.  The reason I was using this app was simply due to its ability to read all the contents from external device and storage mainly from memory card. I had stored more than 300 EBooks in my kindle library folder that I had downloaded through my Amazon kindle account. I used to store all my eBooks in mantano app. Here I want to mention that I had downloaded this app from android playstore for free and it was installed successfully on my device. After this, one day when I tried to read the EPUB files, then I was amazed after looking at the screen. All the contents were lost and there was no EPUB file shown in the list to display. I had searched my files in all folders but didn’t able to find it.

Now as a last resort, I got into kindle file manager and started searching my EPUB files in the list. You will be amazed to hear that all the files except my EPUB files were present in the manager. All my ‘to-do’ list and images, which I had captured earlier were available in the file manager. Now I opened my kindle account to check whether my personal information and Amazon credit card login details are safe or these are also changed by own. Luckily, all the details were available there with same information and entries.

For the first time, I was shocked with this accident because nothing was working for it and I was left with no other option in hand than to sit back and relax. By chance, I was using the same app on my Lenovo tab also, so I tried to retrieve the EPUB files from this devices and fortunately I was able to restore all. So after this, I come to the conclusion that the problem lies within the device only but not with the mantano app. Earlier, It seemed the problem was due to kindle fire update but there no clear evidences of it. If you really want to update your kindle fire tablet, then you can visit Amazon kindle support page from your kindle fire tablet.

Finally, I was able to recover all my EBooks on my device with the help of other devices. Here I want to share an important information that all the missing files were not actually deleted. Nevertheless to say that all the restored data was not in serial order, so I had to waste my precious time in re-arranging it. I even took support from kindle fire help link. All the titles that were uploaded on cloud drive earlier, had downloaded from the kindle store by logging onto Kindle account.