Have you tried these astounding Facebook tricks?


As we all are Facebook, a well-liked social networking platform where you can share your digital content such as images, videos, and messages, etc. but how many of you are aware of these amazing tricks? If you don’t know these tricks, then we recommend you once try these tricks.

How to remove your last name

The Trick:

As we know when it comes to making your account, then you need to fill up the suitable and complete information about yourself. This social media wants you to fill up your full name in the given columns. We have a trick for you, through this trick, you can easily efface your last name. Let’s take a look at this trick.

How to Do it:

  1. First, you need to go to Mozilla Firebox
  2. Now to navigate to Options, Advanced, Settings, Connection Settings, Manual Proxy Configuration.
  3. Now you need to jot down any Indonesian related proxy or port 8080 in the HTTP Proxy Field.
  4. Now you need to switch the language to BAHASA INDONESIA.
  5. Now efface you last and middle name.

    No one can click on your profile picture

The Trick:

Well, not everyone wants to have a unclickable profile picture. But still, those who want, they can try this easy trick. Check out these simple steps.

How to Do it:

  1. First, you need to visit your Albums and then to Profile pictures
  2. Now you need to choose your recent profile picture
  3. Now you just need to mess with the privacy settings, open up the settings and select ‘Only Me.’ If you face any other technical glitch, then you have an option of Facebook Contact Number as well.

    How to Stop/Block Facebook Game Requests

How many of you’re getting the invitation of Candy Crush? And how many of you are actually find these invitations pleasing? If you’re sick of this Candy Crush invitation, then you can block or step them easily by using this trick. By using two ways, you can do it. First, you can silence a particular game or simply put that particular person in silence.

First, you just need to visit Settings and then Blocking.

You will catch these options:

Here you will fill the name of that person whom you want to block or simply block the game which you want to block.

You need to disable ‘Seen’ aspect on your Facebook

If someone texts you on the Facebook, and you don’t want to respond back, but your message app tells that person that message has been seen by you. But you’re lucky because you have this trick which can easily turn off the aspect.

Simply you need to visit Facebook Messages and make a click on the icon which you see next message, just unread that. As you hit on that icon, you will see the box which utters, ‘Mark as unread.’

How to Block Political Posts on Facebook

If you’re not interested in political news, then you can make yourself away from those political posts. Well, instead of political content if you would like to see some funny creatures on your timeline, then you can use this trick. Here instead of political news, you will see some cute videos of cats. All the political blockers will get their feed in the form kitty video. But while applying this trick, you need to take care. We haven’t seen any drawback of this tricks but still providing caution is our duty. Rest if you need any Facebook Tech Support, then you can contact professionals.


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