In this blog post we will discuss step by step guide to lend or borrow books from other kindle to your 8th generation kindle under the guidance of kindle help. The process is discussed in the blog post.

Kindle e-reader is a device developed and sold by amazon. The kindle has made its presence in the mind of every second person due to its capabilities to satisfy and amuse the individual. You can find no of e-books in the kindle library available online that is accessed through the kindle e-reader. Kindle support for, if problem in finding a particular book makes a reading experience much better. The books and other contents available on the internet can be shared easily within the members of kindle membership account.

We are now going to discuss the process by which you can lend the book to your friend. The book can be lent through the page detail of amazon official website. Provided it must be purchased by you before. The book will remain unassessed from your side until loaned.

lend-booksLoaning process 

  1. Move to the kindle official kindle book store page from the computer with the help of internet. Go to the link where the ‘loan a book’ option is given. The www kindle com support link for searching the particular section is available below the main link.
  2. Click on ‘loan a book’ after selecting a book.
  3. Enter the address of the recipient who want to receive the book from you. The notification message must be left to the personal email address of the borrower.
  4. Click on send. Kindle customer service chat is available 24/7 for mail related support.

Note:  If the recipient does not download the book then the book will be returned to the sender after period of seven days.

Loan through ‘manage your contents and devices

The method to loan a book through manage your content and devices is little bit different than the previous one. The process is:

  1. Open the menu from the kindle home screen. Go to ‘manage your contents and devices’ option.
  2. Amazon kindle support on screen instructions for step by step help.
  3. Select the title of that book which you want to lend to your friend. If the kindle account does not exist then this option is not available.
  4. In the recipient box enter the email address of a receiver and send the notification message regarding the same on the personal mail id.
  5. Click on ‘send’ option after this. The book is now sent to the email address.

Borrow a book from a friend

The way you lend the books to your friend in the same way you can borrow the book from the friend.  Take kindle com support for borrowing the book from the other kindle e-reader. The help and process is discussed below.

How to download a book kindle-borrow

  1. Open the mail address from the computer on which you received a file.
  2. Your browser will automatically download the book after you click on ‘get a book’.
  3. Click on the amazon site for log onto amazon account. This is done for authentication.
  4. You have to select the device out of given options. The devices can be kindle fire tablet and kindle 8th generation models. Kindle fire support is dedicated for kindle fire tablets.
  5. Click on the other devices and follow the onscreen instructions to accept the loaned book. You will receive the book. The book will appear on your screen then you can easily read the book.

Returning a book

The book which you have borrowed must be return within the specific time period. The process for returning a book is discussed below.

  1. Go to ‘manage your content and device’ again.
  2. Select the ‘delete’ option from library. This is preceded by action button.
  3. Click on ‘yes’ to confirm deletion.