Skype is principally used for making calls and messages to the contacts present in your skype contact list. However, some people are still preferring the mobile phones for making a phone call to their colleagues or to friends but tech savvy are using this software for its easiness and user-friendliness. User can easily communicate with the near and dear ones through this platform without paying much heed.

Recently, we come across with some issues that have been reported by some skype users. This issue is mainly related with the skype calling. They complained that the level and signal strength of their phone calls is not up to the mark. Today, we in this blog post will provide the best possible solution to you. You only need to spend few precious minutes of a day with us, and you will be able to find the perfect solution for your problem.

First of all check, whether you are using the latest version of your skype software or not. If your software version is obsolete, then you may face this problem. First download the latest skype version from the official link or you need to take support from skype customer service chat.

If you are using the latest version of skype software, then check the network connection speed. The problem may arise if the network connection is poor. The Wi-Fi signal strength should always be strong enough to get proper phone calls. Yes, one more thing that you can’t ignore or deny is the speakers, webcam and microphone connected to skype software. Check whether these all are working efficiently or not. If your skype webcam not working, then check the drivers.

If all the things are proper and working fine, then go through the system configurations because there are some configurations that are mandatory for skype software. If your system doesn’t fulfils the criteria, then you may get the problem.

Now we are going to discuss the troubleshooting tips that you need to follow in the end, after trying out the above mentioned solutions.


  1. If you are using a laptop, then connect the Ethernet cable with it or in case of Wi-Fi network, bring the network devices and laptop close to each other for better reception. If you are still facing the calling problem, then the problem is definitely in the skype app only.
  2. You need to check whether any other app is running in your laptop along with the skype. This sometimes affect the performance of your phone call. First of all close all the apps that consumes your internet data then make a phone call. There are certain apps that also results in skype sound not working

However, it has been found in most of occasions that the actual reason behind the call worthless quality is bad internet connection. So this is the main concern that you need to take care of. You must check the bandwidth of your internet connection properly that whether it can accommodate more than 2 devices or not.

Another point where you need to give attention is check whether the problem is during the one to one call or in a group call. If you find that the problem is mainly during the group call, then check the system processing speed. If the processing speed is more, then only you will able to make a group call otherwise it keeps on disconnecting due to inability of system to process the load. The internet connectivity and the processor power are the two things, which we can say are the pre-requisites for the skype calling. If your problem is still not solved, then you can take Skype support from the official Microsoft skype support link.