The fine e-reading device has got many books in its web which have got the specific formats supported by Kindle. In case, if your eBook doesn’t have the supportive text format, then you can simply convert the text into the kindle format. For any query, users can head on to Kindle Support for better solutions.

How are you doing with your Kindle e-reader? The enthralling features and amazing services of the device have been the key reason to mark up the position of the e-reading device as the key players in the category of e-reading devices.  Its diverse range of eBooks under the kindle library has also been the promising factor to grab the attention of all the e-readers across the global boundaries. Being one of the fine users of the e-reading device, if you get any kind of issue, then you can go to Kindle Com Support to get the better assistance and guidance.

Well, there is no doubt that you must have been enjoying the unique eBooks under different titles. And you also have been aware that the all the eBooks that you download has a specific format which needs to be supported by the Kindle in order to read your eBook in a fine way. Getting into the supported formats list, Kindle supports three main formats which include Text (.TXT), Unprotected Mobipocket (.MOB, .PRC), and Kindle (.AZW, .AZW1). Those users who hold the second generation kindle on their side also have the PDF reader inbuilt in the device which supports PDF files. If the text of eBook has got one of this format, then you can simply transfer the eBook from your computer to your Kindle via a USB connection. But in case, if the text of your eBook is not in a supported format, then you can head on to convert the file by saving it as a PDF in MS Word, or you can do this by using the online conversion softwares like Calibre, Mobipocket Creator, and Online Convert. Get to know the way to use these software options to convert the text into the kindle format. If you get any small issues with your Kindle device, then you can head to Amazon Kindle Customer Service to get quick solutions.

Install the Mobipocket Creator

  1. Simply got to Mobipocket Creator website and then head to “Free Downloads” on the right side of the site and then tap the “Free Software” option under the heading.
  2. Now tap the “Mobipocket Creator 4.2 Home Edition” and then tap “Download”.
  3. Unlock the program and then follow up the Mobipocket Setup Wizard Instructions to install it. If get any barrier, then reach out to Kindle help to get the fine assistance and solutions.

Converting the text of document to kindle by using Mobipocket Creator

  1. Firstly unlock the Mobipocket Creator by double tapping on the icon.
  2. Now, you need to choose the document type to convert under the heading of “Import from Existing file”. Note that Mobipocket only converts HTML, Text, and MS Word files.
  3. Now tap “Browse” to choose the document you are going to convert and then choose “Import”.
  4. Now tap “Build” to start the building of your eBook. Now, juts choose the “No encryption” option and then tap “Build”. You can view your formatted file in your kindle device.

Converting PDF to MS Word

  1. Open the file in MS Word and then choose the text that you are willing to convert and then tap “Open”.
  2. Tap “File” and then “Save As” to start saving the document into a PDF format.
  3. Tap “Save”, after choosing PDF as “Save as type” Now, your document is ready in PDF format for Kindle. If get any tech bug in the process or any other query, simply head on to Amazon Kindle Support to get the expert assistance and solutions.