With clever browser extension, you can now get new library books on your Amazon Kindle. Read the article and know how you can use this features on your Kindle device.

We all are very much familiar with libraries. These are the institutions where you can withdraw the books and other media so that enjoyment can be done at home for a small period for free and if you forget to return it then you had to pay a small fine. Library borrowing is not costly and amazing as it prevents your house from filling from unnecessary finished books.

The same way you have Amazon Kindle on which you can easily read the books of your choice by buying or taking on rent. You just need to open your PC or laptop, then browse through the new bestsellers and just click on buy on the book that you want to buy. Changing your book locating method will not be too burdensome with a browser extension called as Library extension. You can install them on Google Chrome and it will pull up the listings of the books that are looking on them at Amazon at your local library. In case of any assistance you can take Kindle Help.

This extension also works on some other sites which includes tracking community, Barnes & noble, and Goodreads and easily solves the issue of show rooming.  No Kindle update is needed for installing this extension.

When Amazon got success on the scene of book selling with rock bottom prices and quick shipping, then brick and mortar bookstores notice a thing that the people are coming to book stores only to browse their offerings only to turn around and buying those things that they have selected online at a discount. But with the help of library extension this practiced has been finished completely. Now by web browsing the readers can easily get the books of their choice. Amazon Kindle Support can be taken to know about this extension.

The overall reviews of extension are very good and impressive and has the average rating of 4.5 stars. Although not all libraries are in the extension but the reviews suggest that app’s developers are trying to add more local libraries in the extension. For any query, you can log on to www kindle com support.