Have you ever lost your remote? Then what to do to find it? Don’t worry. Read the article and get the answers to your questions.

When you lose your phone. Then you can ask someone to call on it and you can easily find it by heating its ring. But what happens when you lose your remote. Then you can’t ask someone to call. But if you own a Roku 4 or Roku Ultra streaming box, then there is no need to worry. It has an inbuilt speaker on the remote. By pressing a button, you can cause to make sound and then you can easily find the remote. If you can’t find the button, then you can also take the help of experts at  www Roku Com Link.

Finding the Remote

roku remote findbutton

For finding the remote of your Roku 4 or Ultra you need to press a button that will cause the speaker at the remote to make a sound. The button that needs to press is at the Roku itself. When the remote will make the sound, you need to follow your ears till you have the remote in your hands. After that, you can press any button to stop that sound.

The Roku remote is a little bit different from the remote of other TVs. Roku remote connects to Roku via Wi-Fi while the remote of other TVs connect via infrared. This type of connectivity allows Roku to communicate with its remote over a long distance. So, if you have lost yours emote within your house then you can easily find it if it’s is in the range of wi-fi network. But the barriers that interfere with wi-fi can also interfere with transmission also. One more advice to you is that if you can’t hear your remote do check your fridge because wi-fi network can’t reach there. In the case of any query, you can log onto Www Support Roku Com.

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Roku remote is very useful for you because it is very difficult to use Roku without remote. Many features also won’t be available without it like if you need to do Roku Hdcp Unauthorized Content Disabled, then also you need Roku remote.

Changing the Sound of Your Roku Remote

The default sound of remote is subtle. If you think it’s not sufficiently loud then there are some other options for you as well that includes Ride of Valkyries or Whistle. For changing the sound go to Settings and then on the Remote option. From this option, you can change the remote finder sound to a few pre-set options available. Whenever you pick a sound Roku will send that sound to your remote. This will take some seconds.

Unfortunately, there is no way to add your own sounds, but there must be a sound that is loud enough for you. Hopefully, you need not have to use this feature often.